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Seee that girl, watch that scene

Why don't I have more Abba songs? Does anyone have the albums? (other then Arrival) I thought I had Gold but apparently I don't. I'm getting that film when it's out on dvd. (also does anyone have Slaves To Gravity? or te new Fightstar album.)

Yay for Bullet winning a Kerrang award (it's odd that 5 of the winners of the British band award in the last 10 years have been Welsh). It makes me wanna watch the awards more (an amusing video from 2 years ago). Here's them with their award. Jay's so hot. I adore his arms. Moose doesn't seem to know there's a camera on him. And Padge likes humping Matt.

They were cheated out of the best album award though. Avenged so didn't deserve it. I'm curious how Bullet present the award they present, what they say and 30 Seconds thank you in Croatian.

Jimmy, get the fuck outta my head. (And gods he has an awful dress sense at Kerrang. Honestly there are no words.)

I'm on the last ficlet now. I'm posting the other I did later, like an hour or two. Tis Link/Ralis. The last is the wolf!Link one.

I shall now be terrified of people called Anita. Seriously.

Mum was annoying today. She's basically been a yelling bitch again. All of which started cause the lead to the printer's awol. Bitch. Least I found the remote (and bu tac so I've replaced posters that I can't find).

I'm gonna do food soonish, once she's in bed. Hopefully it'll be soon.

I think I'll watch Star Trek when it's on tonight, cause I dunno what I'd have on.

I'm sure I had more to ramble about, but I forgotwhat.
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