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Secret Admiration

Secret Admiration
Pairing: Kit Fisto/General Grievous
Rating: PG-13
POV: Kit
Notes: Short ficlet, done as a prequel to one of the future Clone Wars episodes (The Lair Of General Grievous).

I reclined back in my seat, nervously anticipating the mission I was now being sent on. It was to the rim world Vassek, which apparently housed a base used by the feared General Grievous. Secretly, I hoped he was there. Although he was the enemy, I couldn't help but admire him. He was a brilliant stratgist, seemingly capable of turning any situation into a victory or cause our losses to be so great that even if we won it was still a loss for us. Not only that, he was a killer of Jedi with lightsabers, despite having both no formal training or connection to the Force. I wanted to fight him, to prove myself by at least surviving the encounter. Sometimes I felt that my desire to meet him in combat was more then that. It was almost as if it was an attraction, in fact I was fairly sure it was. Secretly I dreamed of him, his cold metal arms holding me down as he had his way with me. I hid exactly how much I liked those dreams.

I shook my head to rid the images that were now forming within it, the movement causing my tentacles to quiver. I was a Jedi, I shouldn't be thinking such things. I had to focus on the task at hand.
Tags: fic, general grievous, general grievous/kit fisto, kit fisto, slash, star wars
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