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Let me dive with some sharks

Today I'm less drained then I have been (though oddly, I still am, despite not doing anything today or yesterday).

My cricket died yesterday, which made me sad. I don't think it ate any of the oats which was probably why it died.

Yesterday I watched stuff. I finished watching Futurama that I borrowed off Mikey (which I started watching on Monday), then Doctor Who, then Torchwood. Cause I'm a geek like that.

I finished typing up the fic, so I posted that and today I typed up the collab and sent it to Mikey. It needs finishing.

I'll do the last ficlets (Zelda and Star Wars) later today and post them. I've got vague inspiration for a Doctor Who smut, but dunno who I want the pairing to be. I'll do Into The Darkness asap, cause I've got ideas for it.

Today I've been on Smash Brothers, trying to finish All Star mode.

The digibox remote is still missing, as are posters that were by the comp.

Tomorrow I might be going out with mum (we were gonna go Tuesday, but she's changed it for whatever reason). I hope my money's gone in so I can put money on to get Armor For Sleep's album. I might be able to get figures cheap from Tesco (and see how much Asda has em for). Hopefully I can get Grievous/Rex or more build-a-droid (though other then Lorimers and Toys R Us, I've not seen them).

We might see the Clone Wars too (yes I know I'm a geek for wanting to see it again) cause The X-Files isn't playing early enough anymore (and she wants to see that). I wanna see Hellboy 2, but I know she wouldn't.

Anyway, that's it really.

Oh and aerogroupie, in case I forget this is the pic of Sec I told you about. I found it after all.
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