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Sets Of Hands

Sets Of Hands
Pairing: Matt Bellamy/Shannon Leto (Tomo Milicevic, Tim Kelleher, Jared Leto)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Rape, bondage

I headed backstage, unbuttoning my shirt and wiping sweat off my brow. Tonight's show had gone very well. I opened the door to my darkened dressing room and stepped within it, the shadows enveloping me as the door shut behind me. I hummed softly, removing my shirt and casting it out into the darkness, throwing it in the general direction of one of the room's chairs. I took another few steps into the room, enjoying being alone in the pitch black.

At least, I'd thought I was alone.

I heard movement in the room, from more then one direction. Hands were on me, gripping tightly on my arms as I struggled. "Let go of me!" I heard the sound of material rip, then felt it get pushed between my lips to silence me. Tape was secured over my mouth to keep it in place. The hands on my arms pulled them roughly behind my back, wrapping them with tape at the wrists. I was now at their mercy and it hadn't taken them two minutes.

"It's done." One of my assailents spoke up, his voice soft. From the amount of hands that held me, I assumed there were three of them. One still held my arms, one gripped my waist tightly and another held my legs. I hoped that Doom and Chris would come in looking for me, but I knew they probably wouldn't. They'd be in their own room or getting drunk somewhere. I kept struggling against my captors, though I knew I couldn't escape them. I blinked as a light was turned on, the sudden illumination hurting my eyes. The men pushed me hard over a table, making me groan behind the makeshift gag. I could see that there was another man sitting in the chair in front of me, his legs spread. He had dark hair that was slightly fluffy and his golden brown eeys were studying me closely, a smile on his face. One set of hands pinned me to the table, while the ones on my legs started pulling my trousers down. My underwear soon joined it at my ankles, where my feet were lifted up and they were removed completely. I shivered at the sudden coolness on my skin.

As soon asthe clothing that covered my lower half was discarded, the male before me stood up. He nodded to the others, who all shifted from their positions and held my legs apart. I tried to twist my head to get a better view of them. I could see the three, black-clad bodies of the other men, but couldn't get clear views of their faces. One of them wore a hood to conceal his features, something the others hadn't thought of doing. Maybe it hadn't even been his decision to wear it as it seemed tight and faintly shiny, like rubber. It was the type of hood you'd expect to see with zippers, though it lacked any. The slimmer one of the other two had long dark hair and was unable to keep his eyes on me, always looking elsewhere. The last one had black hair with a long fringe. It was he who held onto my asscheeks and pulled them apart. I shuddered slightly as I saw that the man who had been seated undid his fly. He pulled his cock out of the opening, a smirk on his face. His member was huge, both in length and girth. I winced, having a terrible feeling it would soon be buried inside me.

"Prep him." He spoke softly, gesturing at the hooded male. He nodded, moving from where he stood at my side to between my legs. He spat on my crack a few times, clearly aiming for my quivering hole then raised his fingers up. He rubbed along my cleft with his digits until his tips pressed against my hole, he then forced the middle one into me, making me groan into my gag at the intrusion. I'd been fucked before, but I knew they wouldn't be as gentle, especially as a second finger rapidly joined the first. They parted to spread me open, ready for the guy with the large dick. I clasped my hands together, closing my eyes and wishing this was all over. Sadly I knew wishing alone would fail.

He buried his fingers fully inside me, then worked a third beside them. I felt tears well in my eyes, sliding down my cheeks as he spread me further. "Enough." The fingers left me the second the word was utter, leaving me feeling strangely empty. I opened my eyes slightly, turning my head back again to see the hooded guy moove out the way, letting their leader take his place. His dick throbbed and twitched, the shaft shiny. While the head glistened with pre-cum, the rest looked like it was coated in saliva. I guessed one of the others must have done it while my eyes were closed. The hands that held me open remained, even as I felt his dick head against my cleft. It quickly found its target, forcing its way into my asshole. I heard him groan in pleasure ashe buried himself fully inside me in one fluid motion. His hands reached under me to grip my hips and pull me back from the table's surface slightly. He held onto my sharp hips tightly as he started to pound me, groaning each time his thick cock tore me open. I could feel the blood start to run out of my body, covering him and my thighs.

He fucked me mercilessly, moaning between thrusts. I was sure his hold on my hips was so strong he'd leave bruises. "I bet you love this don't you huh?" I barely heard him say the words, though they were clearly directed at me. I shook my head wildly, since a verbal response clearly wasn't an option. "Well your head says no, but let's see if your body shares that opinion." His right hand released my hip, shifting to my traitorous member. For some reason it was rock hard. It certainly was involuntary. "See, you do love it really. You're a little slut for my cock." He wrapped his strong fingers around me, squeezing my hardness. It wasn't a painful pressure, though I was sure that could soon change. He started to stroke me as he pummelled me, getting faster and harder as he did so. I could feel my own dick twitch and leak in his hand, hating myself for it. "Sluts like you don't deserve to cum though." His digits squeezed me hard, returning to my hips and my dick softened. I cried softly behind the gag, my whole body slamming against the table as he rammed me.

"You can jack off now." It was obvious he was speaking to the others. "Make sure to hit his slutty face." All the hands that were on me that weren't his released me. I heard their three flies opn at the same time, then they all moved in front of my face, all wanking. The hooded one had the longest cock, while the one with the fringe had a slightly thicker one. The slimmest of the three had the thinnest, smallest cock. Their balls were similar to their dicks. They all stroked themselves at different paces, though it was clear they were all desperate to get off. I wondered if they were treated like I was. Had they all been deprived of orgasm when they were fucked? The smallest one's hand moved the fastest, his hand a blur of motion on his shaft. Naturally he came first, blasts of pearly fluid landing on my face. I heard a low groan from behind me at the sight. "Pull off the tape."

The guy that came nodded, ripping off the tape that held the fabric in my mouth. I spat it out and took a deep breath, noting absently it was from my red jacket. The tip of the first cock rubbed over my lips, wiping the last few droplets over them. I expected him to push his dick into my my mouth, but he didn't. Instead, he backed off and left the others to it. I glanced between them, the thicker doing a corkscrew action with his hand, while the other was stroking rapidly. Both were leaking, making their tips shiny and helping to lubricate their movements. As they kept stroking, my ass kept being harshly fucked. The hooded guy with a thick cock let out a groan of pleasure, tipping his head back just before he released, most of the fluid landing in my open mouth. I swallowed the thick salty liquid, not wanting to risk punishment for spitting it out. He wiped his head over my chin, smearing it with the stickiness. He barely had chance to move away before the other took his place. He forced his shaft between my lips, pushing it down my throat an inch or two before coating it in his creamy blasts. I gulped it down as it left him, his body only pulling back when he started to soften.

Now there was just the guy fucking me, who I had to admit had remarkable stamina. When the others were out of sight he seemed to speed up, his thrusts becoming erratic. "Squeal for me, just like you do onstage. Just like a girl." His voice was slightly breathless, so I assumed he was close. I clenched around him, screaming like I did when I performed, only now I had cum dripping down my face. I kept my voice at that high pitch, feeling him pound me hard, moaning louder. I barely felt him cum within me, though I knew he did. Probably a lot judging how heavy and full his balls felt as they slapped against me. I closed my eyes, releasing one last squeal-scream before falling silent.

"Good girl." I felt him pat my ass and zip himself up. "Time to go." I heard the others head to the door, while he ripped the tape from around my wrists. "Bye Matt, great fuck." He joined the other three and they all left together, leaving me alone again.

I lay there panting, wondering what I should do. I felt his cum join the blood down my thighs and knew what I had to do.

I took my dick in hand and jerked myself off.
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, fic, jared leto, matt bellamy, matt bellamy/shannon leto, muse, shannon leto, slash, tim kelleher, tomo milicevic
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