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Of course they can afford to take the long view, they're just brains in jars after all

I wanna go back to bed, I'm so drained and tired.

I went. It was shit. I was late cause I had to walk and wasn't fully awake. My 'advisor' is totally not bothered. She doesn't listen to me, is unsymphaetic and never seems to do job searches (which they should do anyway). I had to fill in the same damn form again. Bah. She also said I'll be made to sign the tforms for the course next week. I have to do 5 weeks on that and (cause she's a bitch), wouldn't listen if I asked to put it back (though I will next week). So I'd probably be unable to be with Mikey for the anniversary his grandad's death and be hard pressed t be there for The Blackout. At least it's only 5 weeks and not 13 and if it wastes my time I will fucking say so.

The only advantage is I might have a money increase cause of it and I can get masks.

I'll get money this week though. I think next time I'll go to Toys R Us at Merry Hill.
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