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Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything
Pairing: Jack Harkness/John Hart (Ianto Jones)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ianto
Warning: Double-ended dildo
Notes: It's very short and the first ficlet to be done (since I'm too lazy to finish typing up the Matt/Shannon).I blame a Torchwood card for the plot.

I watched them as they moved in unison, their asses meeting every few seconds. Between them as a purple double-ended shaft that was more then eleven inches long and one wide. Both were fucking themselves with it, making quite beautiful sounds. My dick twitched at every moan and groan my two Captains made. Glancing at my left hand, I decided to be kind to them. "Touch yourselves boys." I whispered from my seat, reclining back to enjoy the show, my own member was aching hard and unattended. They did as I requested, each of them moving their right hands to comply. They trailed them down their sweaty bodies before grasping their swollen members in hand. They started to jack off, thrusting their asses back more as they did so, with John going slightly faster. I looked between their hands and round asses, not sure who to focus my attention on.

I awaited the moment when one of them came, studying them both carefully. Both were now moaning louder and sweating more, the fluid rolling down their bodies. I clicked the top of my faithful stopwatch at the exact moment John came, the sticky cum landing over his belly. As he did he swore in languages I didn't understand, knowing he'd lost. I glanced down at the watches face, noting the numbers the hands had stopped at. 6 minutes 13 seconds. I smirked at John, knowing he wouldn't get my cock tonight.

Jack grinned at me, the same grin he always gave me just before releasing over his own belly, well aware he'd won. As I petted my thighs, he removed the dildo, swaying his hips as he came over to me. John would get to clean us.
Tags: doctor who, fic, ianto jones, jack harkness, jack harkness/john hart, john hart, slash, torchwood
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