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Your bounty hunters have returned

I'm back home. Alone and eh.

I'm gonna start watching Torchwood Series 2 after attempting to watch Hellboy (I hope I can find the remote to try and get 5).

I hate I have to be in there tomorrow at 9. Bastards.

Also hate that two of my hoppers died in transit.:(

I'm gonna type up the fic I did last night, what I have of the Tokio Hotel fic, ficlets and collab. There might be more ficlets later. Each is one page in the notepad (or just over). So they are:
*Main fic: Shannon Leto/Matt Bellamy
*Ficlet: Kit Fisto/General Grievous
*Ficlet: Captain John Hart/Jack Harkness (Ianto Jones)
*Ficlet: Link/Ralis
*Ficlet: Wolf!Link/Shad
*Collab: Doctor/Sylar
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