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Good boy

Today was a fairly goodish day until we got back, then Mikeysaur made himself sad.

I got two more grasshopper friends (would been three but the little bastard escaped). Still it's two more then I usually catch. I thing I had an advantage though as both lack one of their legs. Poor things. They're now in a jar to take home.

We went into town and Mikeysaur got me a ring and the Doctor Who annual. Then we went see the deer. We made a friend. I fed her hula hoops. She seemed to like them (are deer meant to?).

I'm working on finishing the fic. I think it'll be done tonight. I have a series of ideas for drabbles (each gonna be lasting a page in the notepad) for the way home. Most are random pairings (either cause I have small ideas for them or I just wanna test the water with them). I'll post em Monday. We started a collab fic too.

I'm mostly packed. I hated packing. Stuff to go in the car isn't packed in bags though. Notepads and stuff. I hope I don't forget anything.

Me'll miss Mikey. I'm trying to get him to come stay with me. I keep hoping he can. Illness has meant things have been sucky.

I'm not looking forward to Monday. Stupid Job Center annoys the crap outta me. I hope they sort out money cause I really need it. That and it'd piss me off more if they don't sort it.
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