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Experience outranks everything

Yesterday we watched a film called Rec. It's a Spanish horror film and actually managed to be genuinely scary. It made me jump a few times. I'm glad there'll be a sequel.

Today I've made a bug friend. It's a grasshopper or cricket (I'm not sure which) and it's very cute. It was on the window to the conservatory and didn't even try and escape.

I meant to type up all the Tokio Hotel fic I've got so far, but I haven't yet. I did type up the Oli fic, which I've posted. Obviously. (Although I'm sure I posted it elsewhere and it's gone.) I'm gonna finish the Matt/Shannon one later and I think I may do a series of drabble-like fic on the way home. I had ideas on the way back.

Jay screams on a song by Dear Superstar. I love it. It's an awesome song.

We're recording Catherine Tate on tv to watch later.

Today we went to Toys R Us, which I hated. With a passion. Firey.

We saw The Mummy 3 and The Clone Wars at the cinema though. No real important trailers before each though.

The Mummy 3 was pretty good, though Jet shoulda been in it more (especially as dragon form. The Wampas Yetis were cool though. I liked it.

Next (after a wait) was The Clone Wars. Naturally that takes up most of my attention. In bullet point form, cause I'm like that:
*Grievous and Kit were in it, but only at the start briefly (I hope Kit gets lots of episode time... topless again)
*I don't like the narration (I also don't like that the narrator's obviously Admiral Yularen [who dies in Episode IV])
*The battle droids always amuse me with their stupidness. The things they came up with... they were brilliant.
*Why won't anyone say Ventress' first name? Damnit! I wanna know how to say it
*Rotta was adorable< 3
*The Jawas amused me too, especially when they got zapped.
*R2 was awesome, though shame he got zapped
*Anakin was oddly wise
*The retail droid was so cute, with it's bunny like ears
*Cute little nuna like things on Tatooine
*Ziro's tattoos are cool but his voice is so strange
*Random Padme stepping into trouble... again. She's just like Anakin.
*I loved the music for Teth (I need to get the soundtrack, which I didn't even realise existed).
*Yay for R2-KT being in it

So in short, I loved it. Yes it could have been better at times (like the narration at the start... well, that's pretty much the only problem I had), but it was awesome. I wasn't sure what to expect from it at first, cause all I saw were trailers and the battle on Christophsis. I liked Ashoka more then I expected to too. I thought she might be annoying but she wasn't.

Yay for the cute Jawas after the credits too.

Now we're home and blissfully having a lazy day from now till when I go SUnday.

And ow, there was just terribly out of tune music on tv.

Next week (as long as my money goes in) I'll get a figure or two, the soundtrack and Armor For Sleep's dvd off play.com. Yay for play!
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