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To Teach Him A Lesson

To Teach Him A Lesson
Pairing: Padge/Oli Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: Rape, (brief) bottle insertion

I leaned against the bar, drinking deep from the bottle of alcohol I had. I wasn't sure what it was, nor did I really care. All that mattered to me was that it gave me the familiar burn in my throat and that it got me drunk. I cast my eyes over the people assembled in the room. Most of them were in bands and the vast majority were male. Some were celebrating victory, while others were drowning their sorrows. Sometimes it was hard to tell between the two. Me, I was here for the few booze mostly. I'd already had two bottles of the unlabelled alcohol I was drinking. My eyes scanned the faces that I could see, searching for my bandmates. Matt was fairly easy to find, hanging out with the guys from Fightstar. Jay and Moose though, evaded my hazy vision.

I was still looking for them when my gaze found someone else of interest. The pretty, but rather hard to understand and arrogant prick that was Oli Sykes, supposed 'singer' of Bring Me The Horizon. To me and the others, they were just noise. How they'd managed to win awards, I had no idea, though I'd suspected it wasn't fairly. I decided to take it upon myself to teach the little cunt a lesson. I kept my eye on him while I finished off my bottle, waiting until he shifted away from his band to head in the general direction of the toilets. Each step he made seemed to cause him to sway slightly off course, though he still managed to get to his destination. Smirking to myself, I moved after him, weaving my way through the crowd. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself as he pushed open the door to the ladies. I took a quick scan to make sure no one noticed me, then slipped inside after him.

I heard, rather then saw, him shut himself inside a cubicle. I was glad the little twerp hadn't thought to lock the door. The room was painted a muted pink, with several pink tiles adoring the wall, though some of those were clearly absent. Alone about half of the room's lights actually worked, with the others either flickering or off completely. I heard his worn jeans drop to the floor, followed a few seconds later by a sigh and the sound of him pissing. I grinned to myself and slowly made my way to the cubicle he'd chosen, waiting a few seconds before pressing my palms against the door and pushing it open roughly. I took in the sight of the little tosser, sitting there with his jeans and underwear around his ankles, piss flowing freely from his little dick. His mouth was open wide in surprise at my appearance. "What the..."

I stepped into the small space, flicking my tongue over my lips at the sight of him. I didn't respond to him verbally, but instead came closer and pushed the door shut behind me. I lowered the empty bottle I carried to the floor, then returned to my full height and kept my eyes on him. Fear had crept into his eyes as he watched me. "Listen mate... Paige isn't it? I don't want any tr..." I growled in annoyance at his heavily accented voice getting my name wrong. I pushed him roughly back against the toilet, reaching down and grabbing his small soft, wet prick. I squeezed it tightly, hearing him yelp and feeling him squirm under me.

"Shut up you fucking bitch or I'll rip your pathetic cock off." I gave a rough tug on it to show I wasn't bluffing, my hand becoming soaked with his piss in the process. He went quiet and stilled, though his body quivered at my words. "Good boy." I shifted my other hand to my fly, undoing it quickly and pushing my boxers down. My thick cock instantly sprang to life, the erect flesh sticking out of the opening. He gasped at the sight, his little dick twitching slightly in my grip. Again I chuckled to myself, stroking my dick slowly. His flow subsided and I could feel the last few golden drops drooling from his cock head. "Bend over and show me your arse twat." I released his dick to allow him to do so. Shaking, he stood and turned around, bracing himself against the tank. I took a moment to look over the tattoos that coated his arms. The ones on his right were much better then those on his left. I shook my head, shifting my gaze to the globes of his arse. Clearly he was too intimidated by me to even try and escape. I smirked to myself, prising his cheeks open to reveal his tiny pucker. It was hard to tell, especially in my slightly drunken state, if he'd been fucked before. I'm sure he had. Little punk like him had to get so far by offering himself to whoever would have him.

I spat on the wrinkled skin, watching his body quiver slightly again. I did it again, watching as my spit coated his opening. I decided I'd need to give him a brief and rough finger fuck before I could even try to put my dick in there. "Please don't..." I could barely hear his plea and I acted like I didn't. I forced my dry middle finger into his body. He cried out in apparent pain, though I noted hiow easily my digit filled him. I buried it fully inside him roughly, then wiggled it a little before yanking it back out. I slammed it back in just once, before removing it completely. I wiped it off in his pubic hair, removing whatever filth or ass juices covered them. He pleaded uselessly again, though as my finger brushed his dick he was clearly not fully soft. I returned both my hands to his arse, holding him open and spitting on his wider hole one last time. I aimed myself for his crack, my cock head leaking profusely, then slammed my hips forward. My head found his ring and easily punctured him, my pulsing shaft filling him up.

Naturally he made more noise, which only encouraged me to pull out and slam back harder into his twitching heat. I dug my nails into his soft flesh, using it as leverage as I pounded into him, enjoying all the sounds of pain he made. Of course the cries started to become annoying when they increased in volume. My right hand released his ass and moved up his clothed back to grip his black locks. I growled low in my throat, then slammed his face against the tiled wall. I heard a crack and saw blood spray out to stain the pale pink tights. He yelped in pain at the blow, though quickly took the hint and shut up for fear of it happening again. I released his hair, shifting my hand down and around his waist, resuming my hip thrusts. I gripped onto his thigh, hearing him sob pitifully, his tears mixing with his blood I increased my pace within him, spitting on his back and neck. I wished the others were here, then we could give this little prick the gang fucking he deserves. Still, I'd do for now. And I could always look for the others later.

"You should be used to this you piece of shit whore." I taunted him as I slammed deep inside him, spitting on his neck again after letting out a low moan. "I'm bet mine isn't the first Welsh cock to pound you. I'm certainly not the first man to fuck your slutty arse." As if to emphasise the point, I thrust hard into him. His hole twitched around me, probably in an attempt to get me off to end this. "That's it whore, just like that." He kept doing it, clenching tight around me each time. I closed my eyes, ramming hard into him one last time, shooting deep inside him.

I pulled out slowly, panting a little and rubbing my sticky cock over his crack and cheeks. I let go of him to zip myself up, licking my lips slightly. I slapped each of his cheeks hard enough to make him groan, then stepped back. My cum oozed from his now wide, just fucked hole. "Thanks for the fuck." I turned to go, then spotted my empty bottle by the door. I picked it up and turned back to him, returning my gaze to him. I slammed the bottle into him, hearing him groan again as I forced his arse to swallow the entire neck of the glass. Once it was in him fully he let out a soft whimper. I ignored it and let go of the bottle. "Wank yourself off." His hands shakily moved to his semi-erect dick, tugging it to full hardness. I laughed at the sight, but didn't want to stay and enjoy it. I just had to get the others now, since I didn't have my mobile with me. "Name's Padge by the way."

I pushed open the door and left him like that, quickly exiting the toilets to hunt for the others, heading to the bar first. I needed another drink.
Tags: bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, fic, oli sykes, oli sykes/padge, padge, slash
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