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Pairing: Gerard Way/Bob Bryar, Gerard Way/Frankie Iero (one-sided), Gerard Way/Ray Toro, Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: R
POV: 3rd
Notes: I wrote this on the way to the O2 (and during the Kylie show at intermission) last week. It's short, but on purpose.

Bob's adoration was silent, typical of the quiet drummer. He hung on Gerard's every word, even when it was total bull shit. He considered his position as drummer both a blessing and a curse. He could watch Gerard's ass practically the whole show easily, but he had no direct interaction with the singer. Apart from that one show where he'd run out from behind his kit to drop to his knees and tie his shoes. That was the best night of his life. That and when he'd walked in on him showering by mistake.

He kept wanting to tell him how he felt but he was never brave enough. Still, he could dream. And jack off.

Like many things in Gerard's life, his onstage antics with Frank was a lie. To Gerard it was simple convenience as he couldn't exactly make out with Mikey in public and Ray's hair got in the way when he tried. It didn't help that Frank wanted it to be real and every kiss, every touch drove him crazy. He tried more then once to get Gerard to hook up with him but each time he was rebuffed. Humiliatingly. Before his wedding he tried one last time. He waited in Gerard's hotel room, naked and sprawled on the bed working a dildo in and out of himself.

Gerard responded by slamming the door on sight and switching rooms with Matt.

On stage Ray almost never got any attention. Off stage was a different story. The dark curls of his hair were frequently matted and stained with Gerard's bodily fluids. Often his ass was too. Or vise versa. Ray was under no delusions that what they had was anything more then sex. Fantastic sex. It always was, no matter who was in who. They didn't do it every night, but they did it often and tried to do something at every venue. They were surprised that no one had noticed or heard them. They were both vocal enough.

Mikey was the only person aware of them. At least the only one they knew of.

Mikey loved Gerard, just as his brother loved him. They'd long since gotten over what little self-loathing they had about their relationship. They were now just waiting for society to catch up. Every night they'd curl up in bed with each other and just lay in each other's arms, apart from the unfortunate times when Mikey left, which neither cared to be reminded of. Mostly they'd end up rambling about nothing post-coitus. Mikey knew full well about Ray and his brother. He liked to watch. Sometimes he joined in.

It didn't break his heart, he just thought it was hot. And no matter who Gerard slept with, Mikey always knew it was he that his brother returned to.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/gerard way, fic, frankie iero, frankie iero/gerard way, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, gerard way/ray toro, mikey way, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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