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Become an agent of chaos

I've lost my voice again. I think I should put a leash on that thing and tie it to a post. I'm drinking honey and lemon, cause Mikey made it.

I'm going with them to Bromley, so I can be a pain. I'm sure if we knew where the Bromley cinema was we'd see Hellboy 2's advance preview (even though me and Mikey ain't seen the first one).

Last night there was an ad for the Clone Wars film on tv and I started bouncing on the bed like the crazy person I am. I want it to be August 15th now.

Not much has happened the past few days, though on Sunday I had a really bad headache. Though that went away pretty quick.

I've meant to type up what I wrote, but I haven't seemed to have had any time to do it. Damnit. I'll do it tonight cause it's only short. I started something else though.

Someone the other day spammed everywhere with Bill Kaulitz pics. Twas amusing.
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