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Don't give up

I'm randomly alone and I'm not sure why. Everyone's disappeared again.

Before I ramble on about yesterday, I just wanna say that this is awesome. It's small and a bit crappy, but you can clearly see Kit and Kit vs Grievous. Yay!

Rantings ahead include spoilers.

Today wasn't the best day, cause I ended up feeling hot, dizzy and lightheaded just before The Dark Knight. When we came home I went right to bed.

We did end up seeing The X-Files, which I hadn't expected. I thought it was pretty cool (though I expected there to be something more at the Our Lady Of Sorrows hospital, the one article I read beforehand seemed to make out it did). In the end, all the bad guy wanted to do was get his husband to live longer. Which is sweet in a twisted sorta way. I'm sure I had more to ramble on about (other then the coolness of the dogs) but I've forgotten. It has made me wanan watch it more though.

Then we saw The Dark Knight. I've already done my main ramble about it, but Two Face's face is really awesome. It didn't show well on the copy we saw so... I'm sure it scared some kids lives though.

Good trailers from both (I'm sure I've missed one):
*The Mummy 3
*The Strangers
*Hellboy 2

After that we had sushi. Yay! That helped with my head.

Then it was Kylie. Now, this show was being filmed for tv, so look very closely and you might see us. We were closer then I expected, closer then we were for MCR there last year. She was brilliant as she always is. I loved her first black dress and the later blue one most. And there was confetti, ribbons and balloons (although I didn't get a balloon). Of course, as always, there were her pretty dancers that were either scantily clad or dressed in kinky looking outfits. Ahh it was awesome.

I wrote a little something that's very short which I might type up later.

Today my head's gone back to feeling funny. So I'm gonna go back to bed. Well, lie down anyway. It was hard enough to try and sleep last night.
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