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Pairing: Spencer Smith/Tentacles
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Warnings: Tentacle rape
Notes: Another fic for anon_lovefest. I hope this doesn't sound like shebangsthedrum's tentacle fic too much.

I walked through the forest, humming softly to myself as I inhaled the fresh mountain air. This was one of the reasons I'd suggested we came out here, just so I'd be able to take a leisurely walk freely and take in the sights and sounds of nature. I stopped to take in my surroundings, noting something unusual ahead. There was a perfect circular hole about four meters in diameter. It was filled with what appeared to be water, although there was something off about it. I stepped closer, noting how the liquid was a bright blue. The thing was that it was that I knewwater was mostly blue due to reflecting the sky, but above tree branches blocked it. That and the weather today was fairly cloudy.

The water rippled, though not in a way that seemed normal, for water anyway. The movement looked closer to how jello wobbled. Strange. I took another few steps towards it, intrigued by this puzzling thing. It rippled again, only this time as if a pebble had been cast into it. At the center of the ripples there was a protrusion, like a bulge the size of my fist. I bit my lower lip, suddenly realising it was now far too quiet here. The birdsong sounded far too distant. I considered turning away and heading back to the cabin, but I was just too fascinated.

The bulge quivered for a moment, then it shot out at me extending into a slick-looking tentacle. Before I could react it was wrapped around my waist and dragging me even closer to the water. It soon became painfully clear that the tentacle wasn't coming out of the water, but it was a part of it. I struggled against it's grip but that only resulted in making the situation worse. First it tightened around my waist, wrapping even more of itself around me until the tip wiggled against my skin beneath my t-shirt. Then it was joined by four more, each slimmer then the first. They secured my wrists and ankles, pulling them apart so they were spread wide and left at its mercy. The tentacles all felt the same, slightly slimy and slick, like an eel.

"Please let me go..." I whispered, my voice sounding pitiful to my own ears. I didn't expect a response deep down, since I wasn't even sure that this thing could even hear me. From beside the first tentacle came a smaller one, roughly the same sort of girth as my middle finger. It moved to my pants, circling the button with apparent curiousity. After a few seconds it managed to pop the metal open, then went to move over my zipper. My eyes widened as it pulled it down, fear suddenly entering my mind. What did this thing have in mind for me? Was it just curious or was it intending to devoour me? The small tentacle pulled my pants open before retreating back where it came from. The other ones raised me up over the pool so I had no contact with the floor. I expected a maw of some sort to appear, but none came. Instead the first tentacle loosened me slightly and moved up my body under my tee a little before retightening a little more then it had at it's previous location. My pants shifted down slightly, exposing my crotch and ass too the cool air.

I shivered slightly, watching for signs of movement from the creature below. For awhile the surface was totally calm, then it moved once more. Two tentacles appeared from it, one near my waist and the other in froont of my face. They were both about the same width as two of my fingers pressed together. The one in front of my face extended first, heading straight for my mouth. I blinked and tried to pull back, but when I did it just closed the distance between us faster, the tip rubbing over my lips. It then pressed more against my lips, forcing them apart despite my resistance. I grunted as it worked its way inside my mouth and down my throat several inches, though it stopped before it would choke me. It tasted like nothing I had tried before, like sugar and salt mixed together. It quivered slightly in my mouth, feeling like a strange cock which I guessed it was.

The other rubbed against my crotch, seemingly searching for something as it proded my twitching shaft and soft balls. It didn't take much to work out exactlly what it was seeking. The tentacles holding my legs spread them wider apart, the one prodding my crotch shift between my legs and rubbed over my crack, pressing deeper every time. I counted how many times it did that before it found my hole. It took five and as soon as it did it forced it's way inside my tight ass. I hoped this thing was only intending on violating me and that it wasn't like a mantis. I groaned in pain around the one in my mouth which only made the one in my ass go deeper. My eyes leaked tears of pain as it moved, my ass burning around the intuder.

I swallowed as best I could, deciding that it might be best to try and please it. Aft all it might let me go if I did a good job. I tightened my lips slightly around it, wiggling my tongue against it as well. I squeezed my ass around it gently, my eyes lidding as both started to slowly thrust in and out of me. Their pace was similar, with them alternating between which was inside me and which wasn't. Both squirmed as they moved, making me squirm at the strange sensation. I felt both horrified and disgusted with myself as my dick pressed against my belly, hard and aching. Shit, I was actually starting to enjoy this.

The movements started to speed up, my skin becoming slick with sweat and the tentacles holding me tightened. The one buried up my ass started expanding slowly, opening my hole up even more. When it stopped swelling it felt like a fist was being rammed inside me. It hurt for a few thrusts, then my body became used to it. The one in my mouth did the same, though it barely increased in size at all.

My cock throbbed with each slam of them inside me, the tip of the one in my ass hitting my spot just right. The tentacle under my t-shirt pressed against me, wiggling and pulsing just like the others. I stared into the bright blue of its main body, sucking on the tentacle in my mmouth like it was a lover. I wasn't sure how long it had been pounding my body, but it was enough for me to spurt over it with a low groan. It didn't seem to care and just kept going undettered by the cloudy fluid that now covered it. My eyelids fluttered closed as I came, squeezing tighter around it as I did.

When my body stopped twitching and went slightly limp I continued trying to please it. I wasn't exactly sure what I was waiting for. Would it coat my insides like a cock did or would it do something completely different? Perhaps it had already had it's orgasm when it expanded within me. The tentacles kept me in place, despite my exhausted limbs. I was glad they were there, not sure how strong it's body would be if I landed on it. The one in my mouth stopped, sending a short burst of fluid into my throat, missing my tongue completely so I couldn't taste. It retreated from my mouth as soon as it did that, stroking the wet tip over my hairy chin then retreating into it's body.

The one up my ass still a few moments later in mid-thrust, then started to fill me with fluid. Instead of the short burst of the one in my mouth, this was a heavy and constant flow, enough to make my belly bloat noticeably. The stream seemed similar to the flow of water from a hose. It remained within me for what felt like several minutes, before it finally stopped and left me, going back into the pool below.

The tentacles holding onto my wrists and ankles loosened as the main one raised me up about a meter above my previous position. The four then followed the others into my body, my limbs drooping as they did so. The remaining one remained coiled around me, then started to slowly rotate, swinging my body around. It did this a few times, then let go of me, flinging me against a nearby tree, the force causing me to go unconcious at the hit.


When I awoke it was dark, the day having turned into night while I slumbered. I reached up, rubbing my head slightly and wondering if it was just a dream. However I had a feeling it wasn't due to my pants undone and around my knees, my ass feeling loose and open. The ground below me felt slightly wet so I stood up unsteadily, heading over to the hole where it had taken me.

It was now empty, the thing that had resided there having vacated it while I slept. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and pulled up my pants, heading back in the direction of the cabin.
Tags: fic, panic! at the disco, slash, spencer smith, spencer smith/tentacles, tentacle porn
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