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Stage Show

Stage Show
Pairing: Dan Toreli/Mateo Camargo/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Notes: For anon again so... not too long.

It was three in the morning as we stepped onto the now empty stage. This was all Mateo's drunken idea and we'd all just gone along with it. As soon as we were in the middle of the stage Mateo kissed me, shoving his hand down my pants. I let him kiss me, responding lazily as he fondled my hardness. I wrapped an arm around his waist, groping his ass. From the corner of my eye I saw the twins already laying on the stage, their hands working to tug each others clothes off. Matthew was on top, thrusting against his younger twin between the removal of clothing.

Mateo pulled his hand out of my pants, opening them up as quickly as he could, moving from my lips to grin at me. He was such a dope sometimes. I pulled his t-shirt up, tossing it away when he raised his arms up. I then pushed my pants to the floor, watching as he removed his own, sliding my underwear down too. Of course, Mateo didn't bother with such things, so as soon as he managed to drop his pants he revealed his erection. The twins were already naked, kissing hungrily and rutting their cocks against each other. I wasn't sure if they even noticed us.

"So hot." Mateo mumbled, clearly following my gaze to them. He acted like he'd not seen it before. I rolled my eyes at him, removing my own t-shirt so I was as naked as they were. We hadn't really discussed how this was going to play out, who'd go where and such. As the least drunk I felt I should take charge, though I was content to let the twins stay as they were. Matthew had two fingers inside his brother, twisting them around to open him up.

"As soon as he fucks Nathan, you get in him ok?" I purred in Mateo's ear, licking my lips lightly as he nodded.

We watched as Matthew removed his fingers, replacing them with his slender cock. Nathan gasped and arched his body up, keeping his lips connected to his twin. Mateo left my side and moved behind Matthew, forcing his thick cock between his cheeks and deep into him. Matthew groaned, pulling away from his brothers lips and struggling slightly, but Mateo held him in place, whispering things I couldn't hear into his ear to calm him down.

I watched them as they moved against each other, fisting my dick with one hand. I considered where I could put it, flicking my gaze between Matthew and Nathan's faces, then Mateo's ass. I thought for the moment, trying to decide which entrance was most inviting. Then it was obvious. I headed towards them, moving until I stood in front of them, getting a better view of their fucking. I aimed my thick shaft for Matthew's pretty lips, which were now closer to his twin again and rubbed my head over them. He smiled and took it in, my cock stretching his lips as he swallowed it down. Of course, that's not the only reason I chose his lips over Mateo's tight asshole. The other reason was Nathan, who quickly took the hint and started lapping at my soft balls.

I kept my eyes on them as they moved, each thrust of Mateo's hips driving Matthew deeper into his brother. We all moaned whenever one of the other's made the slightest bit of movement. Hands stroked sweat slick skin, caressing, pulling and pinching. Groans, moans, swear words and random incoherent sounds left all of our lips. I was glad we were here this late, else the noise we made might attract unwanted attention. Mateo crashed his lips upon mine again, forcing his tongue back into my mouth like he had before. This time I responded better, pressing my tongue against his and twirling it around him slowly.

We weren't able to keep a set pace between us, though I did have a theory that the twins would be able to if we were in a different position. The pair of them definately had that twin connection they were meant to have. If you hit one of them on the arm playfully the other would feel it too, even if they were in a different room. It was more then that though, whenever we caught them fucking they always came at exactly the same second. Sure enough, no sooner had the thought entered my head, then they were both shooting. The pair of them tightened their lips around me as they orgasmed, trying to bring me with them. Naturally they suceeded, the pressure coupled with seeing them like that, sent me over the edge and caused me to spill down Matthew's throat. I wasn't sure when Mateo had unloaded, since I tiipped my head back and closed my eyes the moment I filled Matthew's mouth, though evidently he had.

Matthew pushed my hips away, kissing his brother once my cock left his lips to share my cum. I panted softly as I watched them, noticing that we weren't exactly alone. Someone had been watching us, someone who ran now the show had ended. I decided not to worry about it, helping Matthew and Nathan to their feet and heading back to the bus, leaving Mateo to scoop up our clothes and carry them off.
Tags: dan torelli, fic, madina lake, mateo camargo, matthew leone, nathan leone, slash
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