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It's not war, it's pest control

A random post, just cause I can.

I finished series 2 of Doctor Who yesterday. I managed the three discs in one day. It amuses me that The Doctor does the live long and prosper thing in Fear Her. I think Series 2 is the second best series (or third, I'm not sure). This afternoon, The Runaway Bride, Bane and Torchwood.

I've run out of Pepsi. Bah.

I think I have an idea for the Waycest, though it's Waycest +1.

Ghostlines are from Bridgend. I didn't know that.

Post the names of 20 of your favorite musicians/bands, see who can guess which is your favorite song by each. Once some one guesses right, bold that row and include the song. (For some I have joint favorites, so a guess of either's good).

1: Bullet For My Valentine - Ashes of The Innocent antontobias86
2: The Used
3: Madina Lake
4: Kylie
5: Brigade
6: Fightstar
7: Lostprophets
8: The Blackout
9: My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You/Mama antontobias86
10: Panic! At the Disco
11: Poison The Well
12: Linkin Park
13: Kill Hannah
14: The New Regime
15: Atreyu
16: Thrice
17: It Dies Today
18: Armor For Sleep
19: Slipknot
20: Lostalone
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