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The Things We Find

The Things We Find
Pairing: Matt Tuck/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Crossdressing
Notes: This was originally going to be Jay/Matt and had heavy scat but I wrote it as is.

I gazed at the underwear I found amongst Padge's things. They were lilac and slightly frilly, not the sort of thing I'd expected to find at all. Most important to me though was the stain along the back, thick and brown. I pressed my nose into the material and inhaled the scent of him. After a deep breath I moved it from my face, stepping into it and sliding the underwear up my bare legs. It fit quite snuggly around my waist, which surprised me cause Padge was a little larger then I.

I smiled to myself as I walked around in them, licking my lips as I saw myself in a mirror. Perhaps we should do a shoot like this, just in girls underwear. Then again no one would take us seriously again if we did that. Unless we could do on like that bondage shoot we did. Maybe. I trailed my hands over my chest lightly, pinching my nipples to full hardness before moving my left hand down to my stomach, pushing my fingertips into the waistband. Oh yes, I looked so good like this.

I heard someone clear their throat, quickly spinning around to it's source. There stood Padge, his eyes on my crotch. He looked annoyed for a few moments, then amused and slightly aroused. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I was just..."

"Going through my things?" He stepped closer, his voice his usual gruff and growly tone. "And not just that, but to wear them to. And... sniff them." I felt my cheeks get hot, wondering how long he'd been watching me although my reflection told me there was a tiny stain of brown on my nose. "Filthy slut." He reached down and undid his fly, keeping his eyes on me. "Front pocket, there's a skirt, put it on." He nodded to the bag I found the panties in and I did as he said, pulling out the black skirt and pushing it up my legs. It barely covered my knees. By the time I had it on he was naked, his cock sticking out hard and thick from his crotch.

He came ever closer to me, growling and pushing me up against the wall. "You're such a filthy fucking slut. Look at yourself." He nudged my knees apart with his own, reaching down and groping my bulging crotch. When I moaned he pushed the panties down until they dropped to the floor. I stepped out of them, wrapping my legs around his waist tightly. I felt his cock press against my crack his head aiming for my entrance. He thrust into me, making me groan as he forced himself fully inside me. "Yeah whore, take it like the fucking slut you are."

He pounded into me, slamming me harder against the wall. He leaned in closer to me, biting on neck, his teeth digging into my skin and drawing blood. "Whore. Everyone should know what a slut you are." I moaned and clenched my asshole around his large dick, not daring to move my hands to touch my own. Instead, I looped them around his neck, holding onto him as he fucked me against the wall. For a fraction of a second I wondered if the people in the other room could hear us then I decided I just didn't care. It was probably only Moose and Jay's room anyway.

Padge gripped my hair, pulling on it roughly and causing my head to tip back further. I heard his balls slap against my ass as he rammed into me, making me moan as he caught my spot. He spat on me, his saliva landing on my chest, rolling down my skin. "Fucking dirty whore." Again he growled, this time right in my ear. "You don't deserve my cum up your ass." And on those words he pulled out of me, pushing me down to the floor before him. He took his large dirty cock in hand, wiping it over my face before forcing it between my lips. I suckled on him, licking him clean with my tongue as he controlled my movements. "Play with yourself filth." From the way he spoke I could tell he was close to orgasm.

I reached between my legs, stroking myself quickly. "You don't deserve my cum down your throat." He removed himself from my lips, shooting across my face and hair in a trio of thick bursts. He wiped the last few drops against my lips, releasing my hair and stepping away. I flicked my tongue over my lips, tasting the slightly bitter fluid. I kept jacking off as he moved away, not even bothering to stay and watch. He glanced back at me briefly, licking his lips before he entered the bathroom. I could hear him turn the shower on, though wondered if he'd actually go into it. He liked smelling of sweat and sex. The sound of the water was probably just a distraction, trying to make me lose my erection. He failed though and I came over the skirt after a few more seconds. Not as much as he had, but enough.

I stood shakily and headed to the bed, slipping the material down before laying on the matress and waiting for his return.

And as I expected, he hadn't even stepped into the shower, his body still shining with sweat. He plucked the underwear from the floor, wordlessly pushing them up his legs and laying on the other bed. We lay there in silence until he fell asleep, snoring softly. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him, snuggling under the covers before following him into slumber.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, matt tuck, matt tuck/padge, padge, slash
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