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In what sense are we the same?

I'm now on Disc 3 of Doctor Who Series 2 and I'll be putting it on once I've done this post (and got my food out). Hopefully I'll get through it, 4 and 5 today.

I wasn't looking forward to today, but I was in and out of the Job Center in 5 minutes flat (fastest time in history) and there's no mention of the course so yay! I've got a form to fill in and take back so I have the next date off. The new advisor person seems nicer then the other.

I've got the third ticket for Cardiff. I'm meant to talk to mum about it, but someone's come over and has occupied her. It's either gonna be me, Mikey and mum, me, Mikey and Claire or all of us. The latter requires me to go get a forth ticket on Thursday with my own money. If mum decides she doesn't want to go then I won't have to.

I feel to tired from walking there and back to write anything today, so I probably won't. I'm too drained to focus on the ideas and would probably just end up drawing a blank. I dunno. Maybe I'll do something.

Ok, Waycest: anyone got any ideas for it that I could yoink? I feel I should do some soonish cause it seems to have dried up.
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