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Their Whore Part 4

Their Whore
Pairing: girl!Ray Toro/girl!Spencer Smith (others implied)
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Femmeslash
Notes: I blame anniebean for this... still. I hope I've got everything ok/right. This also ends the planned part of this fic, so I've no idea what part 5 will be (especially from not knowing to much about girl!bondage etc) so any suggestions are a plus.
1: Kidnapping
2: Gerard
3: Entertainment

4: Spencer

It was hard to tell the passage of time here. I went by what I thought were major sleep periods. On that basis, I'd been in this room for 6 days. Sometimes I had visitors, mostly Gerard bringing me food and drink. I'd seen all the men from that night at least once each, though Bob came the most out of them all. They all used me, fucking me into the bed, against the wall or on the floor. Mikey only came three times, but he always bought things with him. The first day he came with nipple clamps which he left on me, with orders that no one remove them. The second visit he came with needles, which he took time pushing into my thighs and breasts. Blissfully he removed them all. On the last visit he'd came with a pair of large knobbly dildos, which he pushed inside me. Like the needles, he removed them after a time, leaving with them.

I came to look forward to the fuckings, even managing to orgasm most of the time from them. They also gave me something to do, since the room was largely empty. The bottom two drawers in the chest of drawers and the closet were both locked and I spent a lot of my time wondering what could be inside them. I'd ask Gerrad when he came to talk, but he didn't seem to know. I had found out some details from him, some obvious, some not. Mikey was the leader here, and he fucked all of the others, including his brother, regularly. Apart from Gerard everyone else had their own whore, some male, some female. Some of them were modified, removing or enhancing whatever their owner wished. Gerard told me that some had no limbs or had been made in hermaphrodites, though he was unsure what would happen to me yet. He also implied that some of the men were in relationships with each other though he didn't eleborate.

I looked up from the bed as I heard the door unlock, speading my legs on instinct. Gerard didn't really appreciate it when I did that, but everyone else did. The door opened slowly, revealing Mikey. He wore just his leather pants and boots, nothing else. "Come whore." I nodded, climbing off the bed and crawling after him, following him to the entertainment room. Before we entered, he glanced down at me and spoke softly. "You do a good show then I'll get you a Tv whore." He didn't give me a chance to respond, just strode inside when he finished his sentance.

The room was much more crowded then the last time I was here. All of the men from before were here, although Bert was sat on the floor between Bob's legs. The rest of the sofas were fully occupied, with two men on the arms of one. Some also had ones sitting between their legs, though there were only a handful of those. Other then the men familiar to me there was a taller male with eyebrows, a large dark skinned man, a blonde with a crown on his chest, a dark haired male beside him that kept flicking his eyes to Jepha, a guy with longer hair and pirate tattoos on one arm and another with gun tattoos on his hips. All of those occupied the overcrowded second coach. Four sat on the remaining one, two with hair past their shoulders, one with shorter hair and another with hair that hung mid-way between them. They all had dark hair, with various tattoos visible. On the floor were a pair of blonde male twins with small tits and a boy with curly hair like mine.

I was led to a place in front of them, though closer to the wall then the sofas. All their eyes were on me, tongues snaking out over their lips. I shivered slightly, wondering what they were waiting for exactly. "Stand." Mikey whispered after a few seconds and I stood up before them. He removed the clamps finally, releasing my sore nipples, pushing the clamps into his pockets. He moved away, out of my sight, leaving me to stand alone before all those hungry eyes.

It seemed like forever before he came back, but I knew it couldn't have been longer then a few minutes. He returned with a girl that looked younger then me, with hair down to her shoulders and bright blue eyes. Like me she was slightly pudgy, though more so then I with smaller breasts. Her crotch was concealed from my view, with a large rubber cock protruding from it, held in place by a series of straps. He whispered something into her ear, then took a seat on the arm beside Bob. "This is Spencer. Why don't you both get accquainted?"

Spencer approached me slowly, looking me in the eyes. She kissed me lightly, pressing the rubber against my opening. I'd never kissed a girl before and now here I was with a naked one pressed against me. She slowly pushed the shaft into me, making me groan against her lips as I was filled. It was about the same size as Mikey's, maybe a little thicker. "Faster!" One of the men jeered in a thick, unrecognisable accent. Spencer thrust forward until he hips were flush against mine, then moved back and slammed back inside me. Her lips shifted from mine to my neck, kissing along it's curve as her hands reached up and cradled my tits. Tentatively I wrapped my arms aorund her, reaching down to stroke her ass lightly.

"Finger her!" Another voice spoke out from the group, again unfamiliar to me. I pushed a finger between her cheeks, searching for her pucker as she built up a rhythm. I slowly worked my middle finger inside her, listening to her moan as I eased it into her. It entered her quite easily, showing her asshole was well used. She sped up, thrusting the rubber deep inside me, her movements causing her to impale herself more on my finger. She started to gently squeeze my tits making me groan more as she pummeled me.

We continued like this for a few minutes before I heard a voice. "Enough." Spencer removed herself from me, then glanced at Mikey and I could see he nodded briefly. Apparently she knew was this meant as she pushed us both to lay on the floor. I glanced briefly at the group of men and I could see all of the ones on the floor now had their backs turned to me.

She whispered softly in my ear, stroking my belly. "You have to suck the strap-on." Her voice was deeper then I'd expected. "Then undo the straps and eat me out." She smiled at me, kissing my neck again briefly before she turned her body around until the glistening rubber was in front of my lips. I parted them, taking in the artificial head as she started lapping at my crotch. After a few slow licks she pushed her tongue into my cunt as deep as she could. It felt weird to have her tongue inside me, doing small circles around me. No one had ever bothered going down on me before and now I wished they had. Every few seconds she would retreat back, taking a deep breath before returning to her position. I contented myself my cleansing the shaft, wanting desperately to return the favor as quickly as possible. It ddin't take me long to clean it to satisfaction, during which time I'd heard strangled moans from several members of our audience. I held her hips, gently pushing the, back to allow me space to remove the toy from her. She kept working on me throughout, making me hands shake slightly from the pleasure she was giving me.

I discarded the toy as soon as I could, glancing at her crotch for the first time. Like mine it was hairy, though her hairs were only a light dusting. I leaned up slightly, trying to replicate what she had done to me earlier on her. She tasted strange. I flicked my eyes over her, trailing my tongue curiously around the space before me. I was sure my inexperience was clear as I licked the folds of skin that protruded from her briefly before daring to wiggle my tongue inside. She gasped against my crotch, her body tensing and thrusting slightly against my face. I wondered if that meant I was doing ok or if she just hadn't had much action on her pussy in awhile. Regardless, I pushed my tongue deep into her, wiggling it inside her. It soon became apparent why she kept moving back to take a breath, as it was quite difficult to breathe. I shifted back, doing just like Spencer before returning to her opening. One of her hands stroked my thigh, her fingers stroking close to her tongue's location. My eyelids fluttered closed as I came, coating her soft and talented tongue.

I found it really hard to keep working on her with my tongue, so I replaced it with a pair of my fingers, sliding them deep and moving them in and out. She made several breathy groans as I did so, her hips rolling against my fingers. I shifted my other hand to her chest, groping her tits with it as I ran my thumb over where I guessed her clit would be. Her orgasm soon followed, with some of it dripping onto my lips. I removed my fingers very slowly, suckling them clean while she panted. "Thank you." She whispered against my thigh, her words barely audible to me. She didn't stay on me long as she was lifted of me by one of the males watching, who carried her away and out of sight. They'd all dissipated now, leaving as soon as she did, so I had no clue who exactly took her. I had a feeling it was on of the unfamiliar ones for some reason.

"You did better then I expected." Mikey spoke and headed towards me, zipping up his pants and pushing Gerard away from his crotch. "You may need more practice on pussy though. I'll make sure Spencer is sent to you again." Without another word he stood up and left following the others, leaving me alone with Gerard. The room smelt of sweat and sex, something which both of us seemed to inhale for a few moments.

"Come on, let's get you back to your room."


As promised there was a Tv now in my room, resting atop the drawers. A remote sat beside it. I had a feeling Mikey had assumed I'd do as well as he expected, which explained why it was here now. Gerard helped me into bed again, smiling down at me and ksising my cheek before he exited. Out of interest I flicked the Tv on as soon as he left. Only a handful of channels were available to me, most of which were porn which ranged from straight bondage to gay porn and lesbians doign what I'd doen to Spencer. I chewed my lower lip, curling up in bed and watching the screen.

After all, Mikey said I had to learn.
Tags: femmeslash, fic, girl!ray toro, girl!ray toro/girl!spencer smith, girl!spencer smith, my chemical romance, panic! at the disco
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