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Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Jepha Howard
POV: Bert
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Crossdressing, scat, BDSM
Notes: For aerogroupie's birthday.

It had been a whole hour since I'd been left here. One fucking hour. My wrists were in leather cuffs behind my back, while my legs were held open by a spreader bar at my ankles. There was also a collar around my neck and a ring secured to the base of my erection. I hated Jepha for this but I knew it would be worth it. At least he hadn't blindfolded me or used that rubber hood of his. I just wished he'd left me with something to watch instead of just the clock.

I turned my head to the door as I heard the knob twist and I prayed to whoever and whatever was there that it was Jepha. Thankfuly it was him stepping through the hotel door and not some roadie or one of our bandmates. He'd changed since he left, indicating he'd returned to the tour bus during his absence. He now wore the black dress he'd worn during our last video and a pair of knee high boots. I knew that's all he was wearing. He never bothered with panties, he always thought they got in the way.

"Hello my fithy little slut." Jepha spoke as he strode to the bed, his dress showing off his manly legs. As he stepped into the light I could make out the varioius coloured stains that were on the dress. He was such a sexy fucker. "I see you've been busy." I blushed bright red at his words, a clear sign he's spotted the drying pools of piss on my belly. It was hard to piss with a constant hard-on, but he always made sure I drank enough to go while he left me unattended.

"Yes Mistress, I'm sorry." While he wore a dress he was my mistress. If I wore one I was his little girl slut.

"You don't have to apologise slut." He grinned, reaching down and rubbing his fingertips through the remaining golden fluid. He raised them to his lips, flicking his tongue out to taste me. After a few seconds he returned his gaze to me, smirking. "Hungry?"

He knew I was even before he asked, but I nodded wildly anyway. He joined me on the bed, moving until his ass hovered above my face. I inhaled deep. His ass was like mine, filthy, unwashed and always smelling of what I craved. I extended my tongue, though it wasn't able to fully cross the distance to it's goal. I whined and I could hear Jepha chuckle in response above. "Please Mistress let me taste." He let out a soft grunt, before shifting lower allowing me to see the soft brown tip he was pushing out. I wished I could prise his perfect cheeks open, but I knew better then to do that. I leaned up and wrapped my lips around it, just like I did for a cock. I licked the bitter tasting, fairly solid log as he pushed it out and filled my mouth with it. I awaited until it fully filled me, then bit through it, starting to chew and swallow. I knew most people would think what I did was disgusting, but I didn't give a fuck. While I devoured it, he continued to push, wiggling his ass against me to cover my face. Once I'd swallowed, I moved up and pushed my tongue into him, wiggling it around and collecting the remnants of his filth.

I pouted in disappointment as he moved away, normally used to him giving me more. Still, I was content to make do with what he'd given me. He moved down my body slowly until his ass was over my cock. He slammed down onto me without a word, the head of my cock becoming smeared with shit buried deeper inside him. He grinned down at me, moaning and pushing his dress up to reveal his large cock. "Touch me."

I nodded, undoing the velcro securing my cuffs easily and rolling my wrists before taking it in hand and jerking him off. We'd decided it was best to have restraints I could get out of if need be. This was after someone pulled an alarm in a hotel five months ago while I was alone. It was quite difficult to hobble out with my hands and feet shackled. We saved the real restraints at home. He started rocking up and down my shaft, squeezing around me as he moved. "Would my slut like to cum inside me?"

"Fuck yes..." I gasped out, thrusting up into him as I used my other hand to play with his ball sac. He reached behind himself, removing the ring from my dick as he sped up once again. His hands move to my chest, scratching at my skin. We grunted and moved in tandem, our eyes locking. "Your ass feels so fucking good Mistress, so hot and tight around my cock. Your fucking dick's so big too, huge and throbbing." He tightened around me, his cock twitching more in my grip, his tip leaking profusely. "So beautiful."

I came first from his tight, twitching ass and the scent that covered my face, shooting deep inside him. I kept moving into him, my fingers squeezing tight around him while I pumped him. Two minutes after I did, he did too with half of it landing on my stomach and the rest on his dress.

He remained on me until we'd both softened, then he stood up and unbuckled the spreader bar, allowing my legs to close again. He lifted it up, propping it against the bed, then lay next to me, wrapping his legs around me. He licked his waste from my face, giving me a hungry kiss to share the taste between us. I pushed a pair of fingers inside him, swirling them to collect all I could from our fuck. When we parted lips I removed them, bringing them to my lips and spreading my fingers. I suckled my longer middle finger, while he took my first one, scrapping his teeth lightly to taste me. Satisfied, we kissed again, our tongues wiggling around each other.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/jepha howard, fic, jepha howard, slash, the used
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