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Pairing: Benji Madden/Gerard Way/Joel Madden
POV: Gerard
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, spit roasting
Notes: For girltufty's birthday (I was originally gonna just do the Billy/Bert one I was meant to do, then I changed my mind... I couldn't work out something with Billie-Joe so I did this). I hope it's ok.

I gazed at the naked twins as they came towards me, studying them both intently. I lay spawled over a table, my fat belly pressing against the wooden surface and my limbs secured to its legs. Buried deep in my ass my a large dildo, keeping me open for whoever wanted me. I didn't get much action though. People preferred my brother because he was slimmer and he had gorgeous sharp hips. Over the last week I'd only been fucked four times, whereas almost everyone else would be in double digits.

The first of the twins spoke, his multiple piercings on his face glinting in the light. "What's your name?"

"Gerard sir." I responded softly, not used to people asking my name. The few that did use me normally didn't bother. Most were frustrated cause all the pretty boys were being used so all they had left was me. That was why I was so bruised.

They glanced at one another and I had a feeling they were communicating without words. "I'm Benji, that's Joel." Again, names were unusual to me. Most were content to be nameless fucks. Joel left his brother's side, moving behind me. I felt his hand on my ass, pulling the large toy from me roughly causing me to gasp. I heard it drop to the ground, then felt his fingers circle my sensitive rim. While his twin did that, Benji moved until he stood in front of me. His cock was hard and thick, a silver ring through the shining tip. Without having to be told, I opened my mouth and took it between my lips, suckling it down my throat. He gripped onto my long, jet black hair and tugged on it roughly, starting to thrust steadily. I wiggled my tongue as best I could, counting how many thrusts he did in my head. I got to five before my ass was filled by Joel's cock.

I quickly realised that their movements were in sync with each other. They both pulled out and thrust back at the same time and Joel scratched at my round ass cheeks whenever Benji pulled at my hair. Likewise, I tried to do pleasure them both the same way, though I wasn't doing very well. It seemed I couldn't squeeze my lips and tighten my ass at the same time. I knew Benji would be bruising the back of my throat with his member, if not scratching it with his piercing. I could faintly taste blood.

"Should we let him cum?" That had to be Joel, since I could see Benji's lips didn't move. He sounded like his brother, exactly like him. He'd probably noticed my hard ccok pressed against the side of the table, a hardness I'd only gotten when he nailed my spot.

"Nah." Was Benji's response and they both speed up their movements, my body being abused from both ends rougher then before. Benji's dick expanded slightly against my tongue, his head tipping back in pleasure as his throat let out a guttural groan. I could hear an identical sound coming from Joel's behind me. They came at exactly the same moment, spilling inside me. In the back of my mind I wondered if they came the same amount of if that was where they differed. Regardless, they pulled out of me when their orgasms were over, wiping themselves over my ass and face respectively. I felt Joel spit on my back, Benji doing the same after releasing my hair.

"What do you think brother? He good enough?" I had the distinct feeling the words were for my benefit.


"Good." Benji knelt down in front of me, looking me right in the eyes. "You're ours now." I blinked at him, not quite understanding what that meant. "Go pay his pimp Joel, I'll untie him."

And then I understood. I was such a lousy whore that I was just being sold. "But... my brother..."

"Yes Mikey, what about him? You want him to come with us?" He chuckled softly, then leaned in closer to me as he undid the ropes around my wrists. "He's already in the trunk of our car waiting for you. Why else would we have you?" He undid my ankle restraints, then dragged me out of the room by the hair. At least I'd still be with my brother.
Tags: benji madden, benji madden/gerard way/joel madden, fic, gerard way, good charlotte, joel madden, my chemical romance, slash
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