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The Drumming

The Drumming
Pairing: Luke Rattigan/Luke Smith/The Master
POV: The Master
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Underage, some BDSM
Notes: Set between The Sound Of The Drums/Last Of The Time Lords, also mentions of other episodes. This was mostly inspired by a random dream I had.

I looked at the two humans that had been bought before me, examining them both closely. Both were male and quite young by human standards. They were dressed the same, only wearing a pair of underwear and hoods covering their faces, their hands cuffed behind them. Behind the hoods I knew they were both gagged. Although they stood about the same height, one was several years young and it was that one that had a noticeable difference. He lacked a navel, which meant he had probably grown by one of the many alien races that had paid this little planet a visit over the years.

Both of them had been brought here because they were rebels. The younger had just been found roaming the streets after curfew, though due to his alien origins it was likely he had been wandering on purpose. The other had been working with the Sontarans to turn this world into a clone planet with something he'd invented for the cars. Thankfully, due to all the cars being destroyed, the plan failed before it could be put in motion. Thankfully I tracked the transmissions between them to Rattigan's Academy. The Sontaran's ship was now destroyed and Rattigan was rounded up and brought to me.

While I could just kill them both, like I had done to so many others, they both had impressive minds. Intelligent people were always useful, provided they were controlled of course. I moved towards them, running a hand over both of their chests lightly. Both boys tensed slightly at my touch, Rattigan more so. I smirked to myself, speaking to them for the first time. "Hello you two, I'm sure my voice confirms to you who I am." Both reacted differently, Rattigan visible shivered, while the other boy merely slouched. "I am your Master. Now, you both seemed to think it's fun to try and work against me but of course, your attempts have failed." I waited a moment, then pulled off Rattigan's hood first. He was quite attractive, his black hair short and his eyes filled with hate. His intelligence had made him view all others with contempt. "Your Sontaran allies have been destroyed, your Academy children imprisoned." I turned to the other, removing his hood and tossing them both away. This one's youth shown on his face, his eyes darting around the room with interest, taking it all in. While Rattigan had drooled profusely around the gag, this one hadn't as much. "Your family and friends have been found and taken captive as well. Alive for now." That was a lie. His family was unknown to me right now, but I had people working on it and finding them. This world had far too many people with the last name of Smith. He believed me of course, his eyes widening.

"I assume both of you are wondering why you're here, why I've decided that you should be within my presence." I eyed them both carefully, waiting for both of them to nod before speaking again. "You're both intelligent, unlike most of your race and you're both attractive too. You will perform two actions here. The first is you will use your minds to create plans for weapons to use in the coming war. Second is you'll please me with your bodies." Both of them reacted noticeably for opposite ones. Smith shuddered at the mention of weapons, while Rattigan tensed more at the mention of pleasing me. I was sure their reactions were based on experience for Rattigan, after all he had been aiding the warlike Sontarans, and inexperience for Smith. Although they thought they could resist, they stood no chance. Coming from the stereo in the corner, barely audible to them, was the drumming. The beat I'd used to hypnotise the world into believing I was Saxon. The beat that drove me mad. It would make them both loyal, both mine. Like so many others. "The second will be what we're doing now."

I gripped their boxers, pushing them down until thet both fell to the floor. They stood naked before me for the first time and I observed them both once more. The young boy had no shame, he didn't even try to move his hands vainly to conceal his dick, one which was, due to his youth, fairly small though I knew it would grow another inch or two in time. Rattigan struggled, trying to free his bound hands to cover his member. For a moment I wondered if it was out of a desire to protect them but I soon realised the truth of it. His dick was twitching and he was trying to hide that from me. I couldn't help but laugh at that. Humans were so strange.

I waited a moment, trailing a hand over each of their genitals before moving away to sit on the bed. All I had to do was watch and wait. As I did so, I undid my shirt buttons and cast it aside. It took five minutes for the younger Luke to fall to his knees and shuffle closer to me, looking up at me as he did so. I petted him on the head, stroking his hair lightly. "Good pet." I looked at Rattigan, counting the minutes until he eventually joined Smith before me. "Both good pets, there you are." I reached down, stroking both their heads before ungoing their gags, letting them drop out of their mouths. They both just smiled up at me, awaiting instructions. Good. I removed a key from my pocket, reaching behind them both and undoing the cuffs behind them, freeing their hands. Once they joined the gags on the floor, I replaced the keys into my pocket.

"Remove my trousers." Eager hands moved swiftly at my command, undoing the button and pulling down the zip before tugging the material down my legs to the floor. "And my underwear." They were both more then happy to discard that material, a hand from each of them pulling the boxers down to join my trousers on the floor. Both turned their eyes to my crotch, seeing their Master naked for the first time. I couldn't blame them for wanting to see my goods. I even spread my legs a little to allow them a better view. "Please me. With your pretty little mouths." Rattigan opened wide, taking my cock head between his lips, his tongue dancing over my skin. Smith leaned in close too, lapping at my balls with his soft and slick tongue. Clearly he was working merely on instinct rather then knowledge or personal experience.

I laid back on the bed, content to enjoy the feeling of them, Rattigan swallowing me whole. His lips pressed around me, his tongue dancing along my underside. The younger boy did the same with my balls, taking both in his mouth and playing with them with his tongue. I closed my eyes as they pleased me, allowing my mind to wander slightly to the future, to how I would have many others like this soon enough and not just humans. Bane. Zocci. Hath. Then representatives of whatever other races got in the way.

"Stop." Both instantly stopped, moving back off me, a reluctance clear in their eyes. That would pass soon enough. I would test their obedience tomorrow, either by asking them to do something disgusting or getting them to kill the immortal Captain. Perhaps both. "Finger him open." I spoke looking at Rattigan, then turned to the other. "On all fours." He shifted onto is hands and knees, pushing his ass out to the other male. I shifted closer to watch, a pair of Rattigan's fingers pushing into the boy. I smirked, stroking myself with satisfaction as they moved within him the digits quickly buried knuckle deep, Luke's dick hardening from the action. A third finger joined the first two, opening the boy further. Despite the boy being a tight virgin, the hypnosis relaxed him enough to be opened. When I was satisfied I spoke up again. "Enough."

I strode over to them, pushing Rattigan away, his fingers sliding out of the boy. I quickly replaced them with my erection, making Luke release a groan below me. I gripped on his ass cheeks, thrusting rapidly within him. "Mmm so fucking tight." I moaned in arousal, thrusting hard and gancing at Rattigan. "Eat me out." He nodded eagerly, moving to my ass and holding my cheeks open, his tongue rolling over my crack. Oh yes, these two were most fun and I'd take great pleasure in using them both.

Rattigan's tongue entered me, making me increase my speed. Luke gasped out beneath me, his teenage cock swaying slightly with arousal. Despite his clear need, his hands never left the floor to touch it. He awaited an order that would not come. I smirked, moaning obsenity's in a thousand different languages, most which would make no sense to these foolish humans. I spat on Luke's back, watching as my saliva mixed with his sweat. Each time I removed my length, I pushed my ass back against Rattigan, his tongue wiggling against my walls.

I came inside Luke with a groan, sliding out of him as I did so to cover his cheeks. "Lick it out." I panted at Rattigan, who instantly switched from my asshole to Luke's. I shifted to Luke's face, wiping my cock head over his lips, his tongue darting out over it to cleanse me. Perfect. I allowed him to lap all my seed away from my shaft, smiling down at him as he had his first taste.

I left Luke to sit back again, watching them both. Oh yes, these two would be most fun to use. Until I tired of them both of course, which I hoped wouldn't be for awhile.
Tags: doctor who, fic, luke rattigan, luke rattigan/luke smith/the master, luke smith, slash, the master, the sarah-jane adventures
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