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Their Whore Part 3

Their Whore
Pairing: girl!Ray Toro/Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken/Jepha Howard/Worm/Frankie Iero
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het, rape, bondage, tit fucking
Notes: I blame anniebean for this... still
1: Kidnapping
2: Gerard

3: Entertainment

As I lay on the bed, I heard Bob moving around to the drawers, opening the second one down and tossing something on the bed. A pair of candy bars. I stared at them blankly for a few moments, then he spoke up. "Eat." as soon as the word left his lips, I grasped for them, quickly unwrapping the first and taking a bite, swallowing the chocolate as quickly as I could. As I devoured them, he sat on the bed beside me, running his fingers along my skin absently.

"You're probably wondering what's going to happen to you, yes?" I nodded a little, keeping my eyes on him as I started on the second. "Well, I'm sure you've realised that you're our whore to be used. You're not the first, you won't be the last. We've had all kinds of whores over the past, guys, girls, fat, thin, blonde, brunette. We had this lovely pair of twins..." There was a sparkle in his eyes as he spoke, licking his lips. "But I think I might be losing the point. The point I'm trying to make is you're our whore for as long as we want. Now if you behave, then things'll be good for you. Now you've done a great job today, so keep that up."

I wiped the chocolate away from my large lips, gazing back at him. "You haven't told me what happens to me after being a whore..." I whispered softly and he smiled down at me, pulling on the dark curls of my hair.

"That depends on Mikey. You might always be a whore, or you might be made into a pet for one of us. Maybe you'll have your limbs removed, or be snuffed entirely. Or maybe... just maybe, you'll be let go." I shuddered slightly at his words, but he just chuckled. "We'll see. Now, back in the bag." he tossed the wrappers into the trash as I slide off the bed, heading towards the rubber bag that I was now so used to. My eyes darted to the door and I considered what my chances would be at running. Bob wasn't evene looking at me, but he must have guessed what I was thinking. "Between this room and the exit there are... oh five to ten guys. Plus the outer door is locked and Mikey would be extremely pissed off." I bit my lower lip and curled up in the bag, deciding it was too much to risk.

"Good whore." He returned to me, pulling the bag up over me and tying it securely. He raised me up off the floor, flinging me over his shoulder as he carried me out.


Unlike before, I wasn't hung from the ceiling. Instead I was laid on the floor, or at least what I assumed was the floor. I managed to get a better sleep in this position, waking when I felt something tap the side of the bag. A foot. A few moments later this was followed by the bag being opened up and being pushed down my body until my upper body was exposed. I glanced up, blinking and trying to see who to was that had freed me. "Hi." I recognised the voice as Gerard's. I could make out him now, he was naked with a handful of bruises on his body and a sad smile on his face. "I want to apologise for fucking you earlier. I really didn't want to do it but... well Mikey hates that I just like cock." He looked down at the floor, his cheeks flushed slightly. "Of course, he doesn't mind using me when he feels like it..."

"It's ok..." I whispered softly back to him, smiling and feeling sorry for him. if Mikey treated his own brother this badly what chance do I have? "Thank you."

His eyes darted to his left, then he sighed softly. "I have to put this on you." He held up a black, studded collar, then proceeded to secure it around my neck tightly. "You have to follow me now." I nodded, crawling out of the bag and following him out of the room. "You're going to be entertainment tonight, that means a bunch of guys are going to be using you." I shuddered at the thought of being used in such a way, though I could myself myself get slightly excited by the idea as well. What the fuck was wrong with me? "It'll only be about five guys though."

The rest of the trip was spent in silence as he led me upstairs into a large room. The room had several black couches arranged in a rough U-shape, a large flat screen tv on the wall across from them. Settled on them were the guys Gerard had told me to expect, with Mikey standing before the screen. Not having to be told, I crawled towards Mikey, glancing at the assembled males. All were naked and hard, three with saliva slicked dicks. The only one of the five I recognised was Bob. One had long and messy black hair and a strange tattoo of a stick figure on his side. He wore a dirty smirk on his face. Bob sat next to him, eyeing me with his sparkling eyes. He had an arm casually around the first's waist. Beside him there was a shorter guy that was more heavily tattooed, the most distinctive being the scorpion on his neck. He impatiently tapped his foot, his pierced cock head bobbing slightly at the action. The next guy was on a seperate couch and, out of all of them, he was the largest and... least pretty. he wore glasses, stroking his belly as he watched me from behind them. The overhang of his belly almost covered his large cock. The last guy occupied a couch alone too, though not due to his size. He was tattooed, perhaps even more so then the other one and also had a pierced member. He had rings through both his nipples as well, the metal glinting in the light.

Mikey spoke after I got a look at them all. "Meet our new whore." He gestured to me, though that was unecessary. "Bob, you've already had the pleasure and Bert and Worm, you've already seen the slut." He nodded slightly at the long haired guy, then the large one indicating those names belonged to those guys. I assumed the larger one had been the one that helped lift me up at first and the other one... could he have been the drunk I saw and discounted before I passed out? "What do you think Frank? Jepha?"

The one beside Bob spoke first. "Nice big fucking tits. Interesting hair."

"I prefer the lips and thighs. Very sexy." The other flicked his tongue over his lips after he spoke, his eyes fixed on those features. I felt my cheeks flush at their words, my pussy getting wetter.

"I agree." Mikey chuckled softly, running a hand through the curls of my hair. "So, who wants first go with her?" The small tattooed boy beckoned me over with his finger, gazing down at me as I approached him.

"Get those tits round my cock." He growled at me, his hands threading into my curls and pulling me up until my chest was at his crotch. Nervously I reached up and pressed my breasts around his thick cock. He placed his hands on mine, pressing my tits tighter around him, thrusting up as he spat on my face. His movements were rough, the piercing rubbing against my skin as he fucked the space between my tits.

"The slut's wet for it." I felt something press against my opening, the head of one of a cock pushing into me. From the voice and the piercing, I knew it had to be Jepha. "She loves this." He pushed into me slowly, making me groan as his large dick opened me up. Frank spat on me again, his saliva landing in my hair as his slick precum dibbling over me. Jepha pushed himself fully within me, then pulled out and slammed back harder inside me. I cried out as Jepha started to fuck me while Frank's nails dug into my soft skin. They moved in tandem, thrusting at the same time as each other with an ease that seemed practiced and probably was. Jepha's hands wrapped around my waist, gripping onto my thighs for leverage.

My eyes darted away from Frank, glancing at Bob and his long haired companion. Both were jacking off at the sight of me being used, their hands moving at a slow pace, though Bert's right hand was fumbling Bob's heavy balls. I smiled a little, returning my gaze back to Frank as he spat again, this time hitting my lips. "Fucking whore." He growled low in his throat, his cock pulsing in arousal. I could feel the piercing was scratching my skin, drawing a small amount of blood as it did so. He pulled away from my breasts, stroking his cock three times before shooting thick bursts over my face and hair, the pearly fluid mixing with his earlier spit. Frank gripped my hair, wiping his slimy dick in the strands before standing and walking away from me, leaving me getting fucked by Jepha.

Bert shifted over enough to take Frank's place in front of me, jacking his long dick in front of my face. I couldn't help but moan in pleasure from Jepha's thrusts, snaking my tongue out to lap at the length before me. I could smell how dirty Bert was, like he'd not had a shower in... ever. I squeezed around Jepha, tracing along the veins of Bert's dick with my tongue. Jepha groaned out in pleasure behind me, spilling his seed deep within me a moment later.

Bob moved closer to Bert, his cock in front of my face too. They were both so different. Bob's was definately thicker, though I wasn't sure who was longer. I decided not to focus on that and instead alternated between licking the two of them. Bert came first, shooting over my face with a growl. Bob followed a few seconds later, merely making a low grunt as his cum splattered over my face. The pair copied Frank's actions, wiping their members over my face and in my curls, then Bob pushed me onto my back. At first I wondered why, but then it became clear.

Worm lifted himself off the couch, heading over to me slowly. I groped my tits gently, my hands still on them from holding them around Frank. He licked his lips, climbing on top of me, practically crushing me with his belly as he did so. I gasped out at the feeling, his cock pushing fully into my wetness, his large hands groping my breasts. "Play with yourself." He gripped my hand, placing it between my legs. I rubbed my clit with the tip of my finger, gasping as he fucked me roughly. Like with Jepha, I clenched around his large prick in pulses. I watched as the large man groaned in pleasure as he pummelled me, each thurst forcing me down into the carpet more. I bought myself to climax, not that it took me long to do so due to Jepha being buried within me. Worm kept going, regardless of my moans and rapidly clenching body. He appeared to have more stamina then the others, as he just kept going. I started to consider if his extra weight wasn't due to batteries to keep him going. He pushed my face into his armpit, making me choke softly as I licked at his sweat. Before he finally came within me, I climaxed again, soaking him with my juices which set him off.

Worm pulled off me, moving away in silence. I guessed he wasn't much of a talker. "You have done well whore." Mikey clicked his fingers and I could just about make out Gerard as he appeared. "You'll sleep in a bed tonight as a reward, take her to the whore bedroom."


The room Gerard led me to was spartan, though the bed looked better then I expected. He helped me up into it, my body coiling on the soft sheets as soon as my body touched them. "There's a toilet there." He nodded to it, the toilet just set up in the corner not a seperate room. "Top drawer has some more candy and bottled drinks for you, I know you'll need it. Sleep well." Gerard kissed my cheek lightly, then left the room.
Tags: bert mccracken, bob bryar, fic, frankie iero, girl!ray toro, het, jepha howard, my chemical romance, the used, worm
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