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Advance the stratagem

I was up till nearly 5 last night. I just wasn't tired. I only properly woke up at 5 though (after being annoyed by Danny at 9ish).

Yesterday rained so much I thought I'd see some dude rounding up two of every animal. Alass no. That would've amused me (especially cause QI said it wasn't two of every animal it was more of a lot of them).

I managed to watch Doctor Who yesterday too. Yay! Ah Luke Rattigan, you poor, crazy, pretty genius. And the cute ickle bubbly Hath.

Tomorrow they're playing The Stolen Earth/Journey's End on BBC 1 (they've never played the finale on BBC1 before after it). Yay! Of course, The Stolen Earth is the better one.

Oh I adore this Bullet interview. Why? Matt admits he's kissed Moose, while Jay and Padge don't answer the boy kissing question (obviously they were). Padge admits he wears girls underwear and Matt once again brings up shit. Ah, this is why I love that band.

Yay I have pepsi!

I've managed to do all of Brawl's break the targets. Woo!

I dunno what I'm doing the rest of the day. I'll have a think.

mcr_fridayfive questions by me again.

1: Did you hear about the Gerard is dead hoax? How did you react?
I caught it after it happened so... I missed it all.

2: Which is your favourite/least favourite Black Parade Is Dead mask?
Favourite's obviously Bob's. Least is... Mikey's probably.

3: Do you think that people should've been allowed to choose which mask people get with the limited edition?
Yes, cause I want Bob's.

4: Which of the two Black Parade Is Dead gigs do you think is best?
I dunno, I've not seen them yet.

5: What do you think BC Bryar means? (how Bob did his special thanks on the dvd)
I dunno. Hence why I ask
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