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Pairing: Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: Fisting
Notes: This fic came from a fairly random idea I had this morning (the first part anyway) the fisting I blame fastbetty31 for.

I rested my head on Bert's chest, listening to him as he spoke on the phone, a cigarette dangling precariously from his lips. The voice on the other end was clearly annoyed that Bert even knew his number, let alone what he was saying. He only had the number thanks to me. "Shut the fuck up asshole and listen to what I have to say." He waited for a moment for the other voice to go silent, then spoke again. "Good. Your life is a fucking sham and I can't believe that people are actually buying this shit." There was mumbling from the other end of the line. "That your married, that you're even fucking straight. I know you wouldn't even know what to do with a pussy even if you had an instruction manual." I bit my lip to stop myself from sniggering and Bert obviously noticed as he flashed a grin at me. There was more mumbling, louder this time. Obviously yelling.

"You're not married. How long do you think it will be before people actually realise you aren't? That there's no legal documentation." There was a shocked gasp on the other end, followed by silence for a few moments. I could just about make out a 'what do you want?'. "Simple, first for you to come out and shed these lies. Second, tour with us." Bert extinguished the remnants of his cigarette out on my chest, making me hiss softly, as he listened again. "If you don't well... I have both pictures and video of you in... fucking compromising positions. I'll put every single one on the internet." I chuckled softly, flashing my eyes to the screen in front of me where on of said videos was paused. He was tied to a bed, with Ray's fist buried up his ass and his mouth around his dick. "You have one week." Bert flipped the phone closed, then tossed it onto a chair beside the bed.

"I hope he realises this is for the best." I spoke softly as Bert's hands caressed my bare skin.

"Of course he will, and then things will be back to old times. Just like they should be." He grinned down at me, leaning down to plant a kiss on my forehead. "Gerard's no fucking fool, though he can act like one." I nodded in agreement, stroking his stomach lightly. "Enough of that though..." I could feel his hardness press against my side and I knew exactly what he wanted. I shifted slightly, licking a path down his belly to his erection. I parted my lips, taking the head between them and flicking my tongue over the soft flesh. I gazed up at him as I swallowed his shaft, slowly moving back up once I'd engulfed him, then down his thick shaft again. he groaned in pleasure, taking my hair in his hands and pulling on it. I was glad I'd grown my hair, he loved to pull on it.

I reached up, stroking his full, hairy balls as I sped up my movements. He tugged on my hair, urging me on as he groaned in pleasure. I pressed my tongue against him, squeezing my lips around his member. I loved the feeling of his cock down my throat, thrusting against the back of it with every buck of his hips. "You like that huh bitch? You like sucking on my big cock don't you?" I was just about able to nod as he thrust be harder then before, almost choking me. Still, I didn't complain, just used my mouth to please him. I swallowed every drop of his bitter fluid when he came a few moments later. I slowly moved off him, licking my lips and shifting my hand to pull a few of his curly hairs from between my teeth.

"That was so fucking good slut..." He grinned down at me, panting softly as he stroked my hair. I kissed his hips lightly, then moved up beside him, licking a path up to his lips. I planted a chaste kiss on his lips, then we were interrupted by the shrill call of my cell.

I sighed in annoyance, pulling it from my pants pocket. I bought it to my ear, fully expecting to hear Gerard's voice. "Bob?" Instead I got Ray's, I mumbled a reply, hearing him laugh softly. "Gerard's decided he's going to come out at last. Thank fuck all this madness is finally over. I just figured you'd wanna know."

"Yeah, thanks Ray. When?"

"He's going to do it tomorrow." I could hear him sigh softly in relief over the phone. "Mikey's a little worried about it... but he always is. Anyway, I'm going down for a drink, wanna come with?"

"Nah. I have... company."

"Oh, right." His tone made it clear that he knew what I meant. "Catch you soon."

I returned my gaze to Bert, grinning at him. "He's doing it. Tomorrow in fact."

Bert returned my grin, beckoning me closer and licking his lips. "Good, I think this calls for a celebration. Now, bend over the bed, I want to fist your gorgeous ass just like that slut." He nodded to the screen that still shown Ray and Gerard. I bent over the bed as he asked, pressing my head into the sheets as he stalked around me. I reached behind myself and took a cheek in each hand, holding them open for him. He inserted three fingers inside me with no trouble at all, due only to his cock being inside me before he made the call. I groaned at the feeling of being filled, the fingers being wiggled inside me. He pulled them out slightly, pushing them back in with his thumb. I hissed in pain, griting my teeth slightly. I should be used to this by now. I knew each time was making it easier, the first time I screamed so loud that Quinn and Jepha came in to see what was wrong.

I never lived it down. They took to calling me bitch boy Bob. Bert loved that of course.

He pushed his little finger inside me, then wiggled his wrist, rubbing his fingers over my insides. I groaned in pleasure, my eyes lidding as I took my rock hhard dick in hand, pumping it hard. I adored Bert. He was so fucking amazing in bed and we indulged each other's desires. He wanted to shove his fist up my ass and I wanted him to sit on my face for an hour. I couldn't help adoring the nasty tasty of his ass. He always kept himself nice and dirty. I hated eating out a clean asshole. His fingers rubbed against my spot as he started roughly fisting me, causing moans of pleasurefrom my lips. "Cum for me my little bitch boy, cum like the dirty slut you are."

My eys squeezed shut tighter and I barely managed to holkd back enough for him to speed up, slowly punching me. I knew he loved doing that. On the third steady slam inside me, I released my load over the bedsheets, crying out his name. He slowly removed his hand and I heard him inhale and lick before he wiped it in my hair. He lay on the bed beside me, saying nothing for the longest time before he finally broke the silence.

"I think they're been on hold long enough." He nodded to the screen, then pressed play.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/bob bryar, bob bryar, fic, my chemical romance, slash, the used
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