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Cheese it!

Claire is here, yay!

I've been on Smash Brothers Brawl (thanks to Claire getting it me early cause I can't wait till my money's in to get it myself, though she'll have it Thursday). Pit's so hot (he's got angel wings) and I'm sure him Ike, Marth and Link are having a foursome (and yes, I still don't know what Marth and Ike are from, must be some Japanses thing). I think (so far) that Pit's the best character to use, cause his wings allow him to jump/fly well. I'll go on it later.

We've gotta watch the rest of Torchwood and Death Note at some point. As well as the Sarah-Jane Adventures episode.

I got the new Doctor Who today, so I've gotta watch that. I had a fic idea but it requires me to watch it/do my research, though I thing I'm all good for it.

Job Center was good, cause the girl was nice and there was no mention of the course (which means it wasn't even on the system). I printed out something cause there's a job near here, but I need to know where it is/what it entails so I'l lcall that. the bad thing is I thought I had to be in at 8:55 but the right time was an hour later so I had to kill an hour in boring Cannock. I shoulda took my book. Plus I had no pod so... musicless too.

Tomorrow I'm gonna go see nan and Wednesday we're going back to Birmingham. Yay! Adipose Battles In Time mag (Mikey, do yous want one?).

Whenever we play Trumps, no matter if it's Doctor Who or Clone Wars, Claire beats me. it's not fair!

Happy late birthday Donna. I'll do yous a late present at some point.
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