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Pairing: Patrick Stump/William Beckett
POV: Patrick
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Another one for anon_lovefest so it's short again.

I gazed down at the long limbed boy below me, running a hand over the back of his left leg slowly. I stroked my fingers over the curve of his ass briefly, then retrieved the toy that lay beside him on the bed. The toy in question was a set of purple anal beads, a series of spheres of various sizes, which William had bought for me to use on him. I used my free hand to pick up the bottle of lube, opening the lid and squeezing the slick fluid over the first few of the beads. "Ready?"

"Of course I am." He wiggled his ass slightly for me, spreading his legs wider either side of me. Without me having to ask, he reached behind himself and gripped a cheek in each hand, pulling them apart to reveal his puckered opening. Not too long ago, I'd watched him as he pushed two fingers inside himself in preparation for the beads.

Satisfied, I dropped the lube back on the bed and bought the beads between the globes of his ass. I slowly worked the first, the smallest of the nine, into his body. He let out a low gasp as the first entered him and I stroked his lower back lightly, easing in the second soon after. I watched his hole as each bead was swallowed by it, each disappearence accompanied by a soft gasp and a thrust of his sharp hips against the bed sheets. By now six of the nine were inside him, and I planted a light kiss on each of his cheeks. "Do you want me to get the last three inside you?" He nodded with a groan and I slowly inserted them within him. I wasn't entirely sure where the plastic orbs were going within him, but I knew they were designed to be pleasurable. I wiggled the end of it within him, hearing him moan again, louder.

I moved a hand around his waist, taking his long and slim member in hand and started to jack him off. "Fuck, Patrick." He rocked his hips, thrusting into my hand as I stroked him.

I leaned over him and whispered in his ear, still squirming the beads inside him. "Cum for me William." He groaned louder, his eyes lidded as his head tipped back. I kissed his exposed neck lightly, swiping my tongue over his sweaty skin. "Shoot over your pretty skin." His back arched and he cried out my name, his warm fluid shooting out of his hard cock to cover his belly. I smiled and slowly started to removed the beads from him, bringing my fingers up to my lips to taste the cloudly liquid that covered them.
Tags: fall out boy, fic, patrick stump, patrick stump/william beckett, slash, the academy is..., william beckett
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