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Their Whore Part 2

Their Whore
Pairing: girl!Ray Toro/Mikey Way, girl!Ray Toro/Gerard Way, girl!Ray Toro/Bob Bryar
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het, rape, bondage
Notes: I blame anniebean for this... still
1: Kidnapping

2: Gerard

I wasn't sure when I entered my dreamless sleep, all I knew for sure was sleep I did as I was awoken by a firm punch from outside the bag. Another followed shortly after the first from a different direction. I groaned from both hits, although neither of them were aimed directly for my body. I felt a wetness trickle down my legs which came from the fear. "Wakey wakey slut." The voice was new, unfamiliar to me. The next punch landed in my stomach, harder then the previous blows. I let out a low cry of pain which made whoever was outside laugh.

"Good, you're awake." This voice I recognised as Bob's. I felt them unhook me from the ceiling, the warm fluid in the bag swishing against my bare legs. Bob, or at least I assumed it was him, hoisted me over my shoulder and carried me across the room. I was deposited on the floor, an action that made me yelp, then the bag was opened. One of Bob's hands reached inside, dragging me out by my thick curly hair.

As I blinked to get a clear look around the room, I realised I was in a different room. It was light in here and the room had all the furnishings of a sparsely decorated bedroom. I couldn't have gone far from the room I'd been hanging, since I hadn't been moved too much. "Filthy whore's wet herself." Bob chuckled, yanking out the dildo from my pussy roughly, making me groan with relief at the large toy's removal. This also meant I got my first good look at him. He had shoulder length ginger hair, with stubble on his face and sparkling blue eyes. He was topless, with a sheen of sweat on his bare skin. He was clearly strong and it shown on his body. He licked his lips as he watched me, then turned to his companion which I couldn't see. "Go get them."

I heard the other male scamper away, then he lifted me up onto the large bed. "Please... let me go."

"I can't do that whore. Even if I wanted to, which I don't." He ran his strong fingers up my thick thighs, causing my eyes to lid. "You may come to enjoy it." He leaned over me, whispering softly into my ear. "Especially when I have you bent over and I'm plowing your tight little virgin ass." He laughed as I gasped at his words, then he parted from me.

Two men now stood in the doorway, both fully naked. I recognised the left one as Mikey, while the one on the right and slightly behind him was unfamiliar to me. He didn't look particularly strong, in fact his body looked quite fat. He had jet black hair, roughly the same length as Bob's and eyes the same colour as Mikey's. "What do you think of her dear brother?" Mikey spoke softly, though loud enough for me to hear.

"She's very..." Mikey's brother headed towards me, looking me over curiously. After a few moments he spoke again, standing at the foot of the bed. "She's strange looking."

"A good strange brother?" Mikey stepped in after him and I was sure I saw him grope his brother.

"Exotic." He whispered, running his fingertips over my leg lightly. Unlike Bob's touch, he was gentle... unsure. He glanced back to Mikey, his voice wavering slightly. "Do I have to fuck her?"

"For fuck's sake Gerard, be a man." I heard a slap followed by a yelp, and I could see Mikey had spanked him. Gerard whimpered softly, then climbed onto the bed with me. He was hard, his cock pressing against his large belly. Mikey moved around the bed, gazing down at me. "Ease him in slut, my brother's shit with cunt." I whimpered softly, reaching down between my legs and sliding his head into my wet passage. "You better show him a good time whore." I groaned as he entered me fully, his cock filling me up. Mikey was now beside me, watching me as his brother started to move, though his movements matched his voice.

I gazed at Gerard, opening my mouth to let out a plea to him, but Mikey held my hair and slipped his cock between my lips before I could get a word out. I squeezed around Gerard, flicking my tongue over Mikey nervously. I had a feeling if I didn't do what he wanted he'd treat me worse. I opened my mouth, letting him thrust down my throat. My eyes lidded as I focused on pleasing the brothers, hearing both men groan. "See, you can be such a good fucking whore. I'm so glad I chose you." He thrust hard down my throat, tugging roughly on my hair, his other hand groping each of tits in turn. My eyes flickered open from the force of his squeezing.

After a low moan he turned to his brother. "Stop being a pussy Gee and fuck her harder!" Mikey growled as he spoke, releasing my breast to place Gerard's hands on them. "Or at least play with the whore's tits." Gerard stroked my skin, squeezing them gently, nowhere near as roughly as Mikey had. Clearly he didn't have the roughness in him that Mikey had. "I guess that'll do." His other hand joined his first in my hair, tugging on me as his hips bucked against my face. His back arched and he spilled his bitter-tasting seed down my throat, so deep that I had no choice but to swallow it all.

Satisfied he'd done, he moved away from me and leaned against a wall. Gerard kept going, thrusting at random inside me, groping my chest lightly. Bob moved into my view again, just behind Gerard. "Hopefully this'll speed things along." Gerard gasped out, his head tipping back while he thrust even deeper into me. I could see Bob's hand on his ass, fingers buried inside him. After a few more thrusts he unloaded deep within me, crying out Bob's name. Bob chuckled as his fingers slipped out and I coul see him wipe them on his ass. "Now it's my turn."

Gerard moved away, glancing at his brother before leaving the room. "On your stomach." I nodded and rolled over, feeling Gerard's cum drool out of me and onto the bed. "Part your cheeks." I reached around myself and spread my ass cheeks open. I felt him spit on my opening, working a finger inside me. His roughness was somewhere between the brothers, though obviously closer to Mikey's. He buried it fully inside me, wiggling it before working in another. The pair spread me open, both of them thrusting deep inside me and opening me up for his cock. Soon after he climbed onto the bed, aiming his cock for my hole. I was sure his large head wouldn't even be able to fit inside me, but he just kept pushing until he popped into me. I cried out, burying my head into the pillows of the bed as he invaded me, not stopping until he was fully buried within me.

He waited a few seconds, then pulled out and slammed back within me deep. I groaned out, shifting my hands to the bedsheets and gripping onto them. He started thrusting within me, his balls slapping against my cheeks. "You're so fucking tight whore, I knew you would be." I felt him spit on my back, ramming hard inside me. I could feel myself drip onto the bed despite myself. Here they were treating me as their personal slut and I was proving them right. I moved my hand to my crotch, sliding a pair of fingers into me.

"Ah, the slut's enjoying it." Mikey spoke, clearly noticing how my fingers had entered me. I blushed and started moving them as Bob increased his rough pace.

"Of course she'd enjoy my cock. Every whore does." He held onto my cheeks, digging his nails into my skin. I pushed my fingers in deep, wiggling them in my sticky, wet insides. "That's it, keep playing with yourself slut." Again I closed my eyes, thumbing my clit and concentrating on pleasing myself. "Go on whore, cum for big Bob." He pummeled me harder and harder, bringing me closer to the edge. I let out a low gasp, feeling myself spasm around my fingers, soaking them as I came. He released inside me not long after me, coating my insides while I was lost in my own pleasure.

"Give her fifteen minutes, then get her back in the bag." Mikey spoke softly, then he left the room, leaving me with Bob.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/girl!ray toro, fic, gerard way, gerard way/girl!ray toro, girl!ray toro, het, mikey way, mikey way!girl!ray toro, my chemical romance
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