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Smile For The Camera

Smile For The Camera
Pairing: Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
POV: Nathan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: 69ing
Notes: This was originally gonna be a threesome, but I couldn't decide on the third person. This is my last fic for a week.

"Come on, please?" I sighed at my older twin brother, looking him right in his blue eyes as he pleaded once more. He'd been like this on and off for the past hour, trying to convince me to come to his work. "You know it's good money, I know you need it." The trouble was what I knew Matthew did. He liked to call himself an 'erotic entertainer', though he was really just a porn star. I'd seen one of his videos and I knew he wasn't expecting me to just come along and work a camera. Still, he was right, I had been out of work for awhile and could always use some money.

"How much?" His eyes sparkled at my question, probably knowing that I was finally considering his idea.

"Depends what you do little brother." He grinned and licked his lips thoughtfully. "Anything from a couple hundred to over a thousand normally. Though what I have in mind could get way more." His little pinik tongue swiped over his lips again and I instantly knew what he had in mind. His hands moved to me, his tips trailing over my clothed chest. I sighed softly at the contact, blood instantly rushing to my cock. I hadn't gotten laid in so long and with this I could... well, kill to birds with one stone. "Please Nathan." He whispered softly, his tone seductive as he leaned closer to me. "Even just one."

"Alright then." He grinned and covered his lips in mine, pressing his body against mine. I had a feeling we'd be getting practice for the film tonight.


Two days later we entered the building where my brother worked. The entrance room was a small lobby area, with a reception desk, a fish tank and a series of chairs along one wall. Behind the desk sat a man with black hair and eyeliner around his eyes. He smiled as soon as he saw my brother, bursting into a grin when he spotted me. "Ahhh Matthew, I see you managed to bring your sexy brother."

"Yeah, thanks Pete." Matthew smiled at him, moving past him through the doorway out the room while I followed. We walked down a long corridor, the last few doors clearly leading to studios from the moans coming from them. I slowed down, gazing through each door curiously. The first one had a fat guy fucking a much small dark-haired male into a bed, both of them groaning in pleasure. The second had a tubby looking guy, though he wasn't as large as the first one, fisting another guy with long messy hair and tattoos. The other two studios were unused, one clearly having just been used, while the other was pristine. That was the one we entered.

The set was a pretty basic bedroom, though I knew no one would be looking at the scenery. A man came over to us with shoulder length ginger hair and blue eyes. He looked fairly bulky, though not overly so. "Nathan, this is Bob. He's gonna be in charge of this production." Matthew grinned and kissed him on the cheek, running his hand up his thigh to cup the man's crotch. It didn't surprise me he was so flirty with him, the man biting his pierced lip. It wouldn't surprise me if they'd had sex. "Aren't you Big Bob?"

"Yes I am." He pushed my brother away lightly, smiling at me and offering me his hand. "It's nice to finally meet you." I returned his smile, shaking his strong hand lightly. "Matthew's told me a lot about you."

Matthew giggled softly, then he spoke up again. "So what do you want us to do?"

"Whatever comes natural, simple as that. No script, no specific kink, just the two of you having sex." He switched his gaze from his brother to me. "I figured that'd be best since this is your first time doing this and all. But if you come back..." He flashed me a grin and I could tell he genuinely wanted this to be the first of many. I chewed my lower lip as he gestured to the set. "If you do want anything kinky the basics are in those drawers. Top drawer has butt plugs and dildos, second one has cock rings, nipple clamps, ball stretchers and lube, third one has various restraints, collars, gags and blindfolds. Finally, the bottom one has paddles, whips, pegs and needles. Now I know all that sounds daunting, but remember, you don't have to use them."

"Ready for this baby brother?" Matthew smiled at me and kissed my cheek lightly, looking into my eyes one last time to make sure that I wanted this. I nodded and stroked his side lightly.

"Alright then." Bob grinned, nodding for us to head onto the fairly small set. Matthew took my hand in his, tugging me towards the bed. "Torelli!" A few seconds after Bob shouted out the name, another man appeared from a different doorway. He had hair similar to Bob's in length, though it was dark brown and he lacked Bob's facial hair. Instead of a lip ring, he had a hoop through his left nostril. I saw him take position behind one of the cameras, Bob going behind another.

Matthew sat me down on the bed, smiling down at me before bending down and removing his sneakers. "It's best to take your shoes off before we start." I blushed a little, leaning down to do the same. I heard a low groan and glanced up at it's source, noting that is from Torelli instead of Bob. He whispered something to the other male, which just made Bob chuckle. "Ignore them." Matthew spoke softly to me as he nudged me, then I returned my attention to removing my trainers and tossing them off set like Matthew did seconds before me. "We're ready."

"Alright." Bob nodded with a smile, adjusting the camera slightly. "Three, two, one... and you're on."

Seconds after those words left his lips, Matthew's were covering mine, his hands stroking my sides. He shifted his hands to the bottom of my tee, tugging it up a little as his thumbs rubbed over the skin that he revealed. "So pretty brother." He whispered, though loudly enough that the mics above us could hear. He pulled back from me slightly, pushing my t-shirt up my body. I lifted my arms to help him, purring as he threw it away before he leaned close to lick at my left armpit. I groaned softly as his tongue swiped over my hairy skin, his slim fingers working to undo my pants. I heard another groan from Torelli's direction, but ignored it and focussed on undressing my brother, removing his t-shirt as quickly as I could.

Once we were both topless, Matthew pushed me back onto the bed, sliding his hand inside my open fly and rubbing my boxer-clad crotch. "Oh Matthew." He pulled them down, shifting aside to let the cameras get a view of my hard cock. He kissed a path down my body, starting at my neck then moving down my chest, stopping first to suck on my left nipple and then to dip his tongue into my belly button. Once he moved between my legs, pulling my pants and underwear the rest of the way down, discarding them. He smiled up at me, opening my mouth and taking my cock head between his lips. I let out a moan of pleasure, his mouth sliding down my length fully. He hummed around me, flicking his tongue along my veins as he bobbed up and down my shaft.

I gripped onto the bed sheets, watching him build up a rhythm on my cock while his hands worked on removing the clothing that covered his lower half until he was as naked as I was. Although we were twins there were several differences between us. I was slightly fatter then his slim frame and he had a mole on his right cheek. Then there was our cocks. He shifted again, rotating around my cock until his own dick was above my face. Taking the hint, I opened my mouth and took his length between my lips, letting his sharp hips set the pace. His cock was slightly longer then mine, though it was thinner then my thick shaft. His fingers shifted to cup my sac, rolling my balls between his digits slowly which made me groan around him. I bucked my hips up against his face, his lips squeezing tight around me at regular intervals. He always knew just how to please me. I wrapped an arm around his waist, stroking his prefect ass with my fingertips, running them along his cleft.

Our heads moved in tandem on our lengths, our lips squeezing around each other as we moved faster. He shifted his hand, taking two fingers into his mouth alongside my dick. He suckled on them briefly, then slowly removed them and pressed them saliva-slick digits against my entrance. He pushed them both into me, making me groan as they filled me up and spread me open. He pushed them in fully inside me, working me open for his hard cock. He removed the fingers slowly from my opening, moving out of my mouth and my cock out of his. "I'm going to fuck you now my beautiful baby brother, do you want that huh? My cock buried deep inside you?"

"Oh yes. Right now, fuck me." I pushed my ass back slightly against his hand. I rolled onto my stomach, then got on all fours on the bed, wiggling my ass slightly. He mounted it behind me, spreading my cheeks and aiming his cock for my opening.

"Your asshole is fucking hot baby." He purred softly, then slammed himself fully into me, making me groan out loud in pleasure. He wrapped a hand around my waist, taking my wet cock in hand and stroking it while he pounded my ass. He started up a rough pace within me, holding onto my ass with his free hand and digging his nails into my cheeks. I clenched myself around him tightly, hearing him cry out in pleasure. I held tightly onto the bedsheets, thrusting back against him. "Oh shit... you're so fucking amazing brother... always so fucking tight for me." He slammed his cock into me hard, hitting my spot with each thrust of his hips. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, squirting my load over my belly, clenching in pulses around him as I came.

"Holy shit brother..." He came at the same time I did, a benefit of our nature as twins. He spilled deep within me, rubbing my seed into my skin. He pulled out of me, falling beside me on the bed and pushing his tongue into my asshole, swirling it around to collect all his cum. He moved to lay beside me, smiling at me and kissing my cheek lightly. Soon after his lips found mine, his tongue pushing into my mouth to allow me to taste him.

"And cut."

I gleanced over Matthew's shoulder, looking at the group of people that had amassed while we fucked. Apart from Bob and Torelli there were eight others, which had to be from the other rooms. I returned my gaze to Matthew, then leaned in close and whispered in his ear. "I'll be doing this again brother." He just grinend back at me.
Tags: fic, madina lake, matthew leone, matthew leone/nathan leone, nathan leone, slash
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