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At the end of the world

Things to do over the few days:
Today: Heroes
Friday: Get food/drink
Saturday: Get up insanely early for the signing in Birmingham and Doctor Who
Sunday: Be finally rid of mum
Monday: Go to Birmingham to meet Claire

That's pretty much all. I'm not 100% sure on all the mad things we'll be doing next week, cept it means I won't be on from Monday to Friday (and then Sunday to the next Friday).

I'm hungry and thirsty, but I wanna wait till I know mum's outside or showering before getting anything. (I knew I shoulda bought that Sprite and doritos from Somerfield when I got the money.)

Since mum's been back we haven't spoke. I expect this silence to continue for the next few days till she's gone. There's a carnival on Saturday she'ds part of and I thought of going after the signing, but now I definately won't.

The Umbrella Academy graphic novel came today. It amuses me how at the back is says that Gerard's 'also in a band'. I've only skimmed through it though, I need to re-read it all at some point.

I also need to find Betrayal to read on the trip Saturday (and Monday).
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