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Their Whore Part 1

Their Whore
Pairing: girl!Ray Toro/Mikey Way
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het, rape, bondage
Notes: I blame anniebean for this entirely;) This is gonna be (roughly) 5 parts.

1: Kidnapping

I ran my fingers through my curly hair as I hopped onto the barstool, looking around the crowded room. I was rather shy at being here, not used to going out drinking. At least not alone anyway. I waved over the dark haired bartender, who offered me a friendly smile as he came over. "A beer please. Bottle." He nodded and turned to grab one, placing the cold bottle on the counter before me.

He leaned over the surface and whispered softly, that smile still on his face. "First one's free for a pretty girl like you." I felt my cheeks flush at his words and he winked at me before leaving to tend to someone else. As he went, I raised the bottle to my lips, gulping down the fluid. I was content to just sit there and drink from my bottle, quickly finishing the last of it off. It seemed to become quieter while I drank, with more people leaving the bar instead of entering. I sighed softly to myself, noting how most of those leaving were couples.

"A pretty girl like you shouldn't be alone on a night like this." I looked up to the source of the voice, gazing at the male that stood beside me. He was slim, dressed in black and awkwardly moving from one foot to the other. He had boots that were covered in shiny buckles and wore pants that were most likely designed for my gender. He smiled at me, his hazel eyes sparkling behind the glasses that were perched on his nose. "Is this seat taken?"

"No... go ahead." I whispered softly, watching as he took the seat next to me, waving over the bartender and ordering a beer for both of us.

He didn't speak again until the drinks were before us, taking a drink from his own. "Do you have a name as pretty as your face?"

I blushed and shrugged, taking a drink of my own. "I don't think it is... it's Ray. How about you?"

"I think it's nice." His tongue swiped some of the alcohol from his lower lip. "My name's Mikey."

We sat there, chatting fairly innanely for at least an hour. We'd both grew up not far from here and we'd both went to the same school although it was a few years apart. He seemed eager to listen to whatever I had to say, which was mostly pretty pointless crap. I told him how I was a fairly lightweight drinker, that I preferred cats to dogs and how I liked the sound of the birds in the morning as the world awoke. Eventually he parted from me, kissing my cheek as he headed off to go piss.

I watched him leave, shifting slightly in my seat as my eyes became fied on the curve of his ass. I could feel myself get wet, blushing at myself. I couldn't deny that Mikey was hot, but I didn't want to seem over eager. Then again, my room mate always said that if you want something go for it. Then again, he also thought that penguins lived in the north pole. Still, he did have a point. I looked up as Mikey returned, offering me another smile upon seeing me. "Shall we go?"

I nodded, glad he'd decided to say it so I didn't have to. I stood up from my seat, following him as he headed outside into the cold night air. I wished I'd worn a longer skirt. There was a comfortable silence between us as he led me down the street away from the bar, turning us into a dark allyway. The path was deserted, save for a figure sat against the wall that was probably either a drunk or homeless person. Either way I ignored him, stepping over the man's legs. As I did so I felt a sharp pain in my leg, gasping slightly.

Mikey turned before me but my vision started to become blurry and I suddenly felt extrememly light headed. I turned my head to look at my ankle, where I'd felt the pain and saw a needle stick out of it, it's contents already deposited into my body. The last thing I heard was him laughing as I fell to the ground, everything turning black..


I wasn't sure how long I was unconcious, but when I opened my eyes I was in a large dark room. My skin was completely bare, my body fully exposed to whoever might be watching. My hands were tied at my wrists above my head, the length of rope that held them looped around a hook on the room's ceiling. Similarly, my ankles were tied to hoops on the ground, leaving my legs spread open. "Hello?" I spoke nervously in a soft voice, not sure if I wanted there to be anyone there. I shivered as I heard movement, but there was no reply to my plea. Instead, I heard movement and saw someone vaguely come into my field of vision. As soon as he stepped into the light, I recognised him.

It was Mikey, only he was topless and in leather pants now, his boots extending up to his knees. However, the most notable difference to me was the absence of his glasses. "Welcome back Ray." I shivered again at the sound of his voice. He even sounded different, more confident. He took a few steps towards me, reaching out and trailing his fingers over my chest. I tried to shift back from his fingertips, but he responded by taking both of my sizeable breasts in his hands and squeezing tight making me cry out softly at his roughness. He chuckled releasing them after a few moments, bringing his fingers to my face and pushing my hair from it.

"You're so beautiful." He smirked at me as he spoke, looking me right in the eyes as he cupped my cheek and stroked it. "Do you know what happens to beauitful girls like you?" I shook my head a little, which made him lean even closer to me. "Let me show you." I heard him undo his fly, then felt his cock press against my entrance. My eyes widened as I realised what he was going to do, but he seemed unfazed by my reaction, perhaps even amused. He pushed his hips forward, forcing his cock into me. "Don't try and fight it." He growled as he opened me up, his dick bigger then I'd have expected from someone like him. I felt tears escape my eyes as he started to move, thrusting in and out of me at a hard, rough pace. I struggled against my bonds, but they held me securely in place. My struggles only seemed to make him increase the speed and power of his thrusts, his hand groping my tits again.

Tears trailed down my cheeks, as I begged for him to stop. Of course he didn't listen and instead dug my nails into my soft flesh. "You feel so good you fucking whore." He growled, shifting his mouth to my neck nipping at my skin. As he plunged hard into me he bit harshly on my neck, so hard that I was sure he'd leave a mark. "Such a shame a sweet thing like you isn't a virgin. I'd have loved to have taken that from you." He groaned against my skin, then I felt his cock spurt inside me, pumping his hot fluid inside me.

As he pulled out of me my body went slack agains the ropes binding me, sobs leaving me as he wiped his cock over my thick thighs. "Slut." He stepped back from me, nodding either side of me. I felt the ropes holding my wrists up get cut, my body dropping limply to the floor. I grunted softed in pain from the fall, hearing my ankle restraints get cut too. I was too weak to fight as the other unseen men forced a large dildo into my cunt, then curled me into a ball. I could tell Mikey was just watching me, even without looking at him. The other men, who were obviously much stronger then Mikey, lifted me up and forced me into a large rubber bag. I tried to get a good look at them, but they sealed me in the bag tight before I could.

They lifted the bag up and let go of me, though when the bag didn't fall to the ground I realised I was to be left swinging with it attached to the hook my ropes had been attached to. I cried softly in the dark confines, though I was still able to vaguely hear what was going on outside. "I still get to be first to plow that sweet ass right Mikey?"

"But of course Bob, I'd hate for the whore to be deprived of your huge cock for very long." I heard Mikey laugh, trembling fearfully. "You'll get your chance after me and Gerard have had her. But if you're impatient..."

I felt something slam against the side of the bag and knew it had to be on of the male's fists. That was followed by another hit from the other side of the bag and another after that. I yelped with each hit, hearing their laughter at the sounds I made. After a few more hits, they finally stopped apparently satisfied they'd done enough. "My cock's as hard as fucking steel. I'm gonna fuck the pussy boy's ass, wanna come help me keep the noise down?" I heard a grunt of response from the other unnamed guy, then heard the two men walk away.

"Sleep well whore, I'll be seeing you tomorrow." Mikey whispered softly to me, then he followed them out of the room leaving me alone in darkness again.
Tags: fic, girl!ray toro, girl!ray toro/mikey way, het, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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