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Pairing: Bob Bryar/Gerard Way
POV: Bob
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Infantilism, scat
Notes: aerogroupie gave me the idea for this, so I ran with it

"Hey Bob, wait up!" Ray came over to me, catching me up as we headed back to my hotel room. I sighed softly, taking a deep breath as I turned to face him, wondering what the curly-haired guitarist could want. "You're going to Gerard aren't you?" I nodded a little and he released a soft sigh. I had a feeling he'd hoped I'd be able to spend some time with him to hang out. I'd have to do it next time. "What is it you and him do exactly?" I just winked at him, opening the door to my room and slipping inside.

There, on the bed, was Gerard curled up and mostly naked. The only thing that clung to his skin was a large diaper, which I'd put on him before the show. The material bulged slightly, a sure sign that he'd filled it up at some point. I always tried to guess when he did whenever I had put it on him. Sometimes he did it on stage, close enough to my kit that I could smell it. Other times it was before or after the gig, although there were occasions where he couldn't do anything at all. I came over to him, his head turning towards me as soon as he saw me. He had a pacifier between his lips, sucking on it lightly.

Such a beautiful little baby.

This was our secret, though two other people knew. Worm had caught us by coming in without knocking. I could still remember the look on his face as he left us, but it taught us to lock the door. Mikey, on the other hand, had stumbled on my pack of diapers. I had to give him an explanation, so I told him the truth. He'd said he'd keep quiet if he could watch us. He'd hid in a closet at the next hotel.

I came towards him, perching on the bed beside him. I ran my fingers through his dark hair, smiling down at him as he leaned up into my palm. "Hello my little baby." He gazed up at me, his eyes shining. His hands reached up for me, clearly craving to touch me, but I shifted away, starting to undress. His eyes stayed on me as I removed my shirt, dropping it to the floor and starting to undo my pants. I stood from the bed, pushing them down my legs along with my boxers, kicking both aside.I bent down, making sure to give Gerard a good view of my ass as I untied my shoelaces. I pulled my shoes off, then returned to my spot on the bed.

"On your stomach baby." I whispered softly, watching him closely as he did so. I reached down, running my fingertips over his spine until I reached the diaper. I opened it up carefully, sliding the full material out from under him. I smiled at the mess he'd made, shifting the diaper to rest it in front of him. I sliped the pacifier from between his lips, dropping it onto the bed beside him. He smiled up at me, then buried his face in the filth. I watched his lips chewed and his throat bob slightly as he swallowed. I picked up wet wipes from my bag, pulling one out and using the soft material to cleanse his ass.

After a few swipes, I tossed it into the room's trash can and moved between his legs. I aimed my hardness for his cleft. "Does my baby want me?" He nodded with a groan as I eased my large cock into him. As I filled him up, he started moving his hips, rutting his small member aganst the bed. His dirty ass squeezed around me, while I buried myself fully within him. I stayed within him a few moments, then pulled out and slammed back into him. I heard him cry softly in pleasure, my dick slamming against his spot and making his body arch. I held onto his wet cheeks, thrusting into him harder and faster. He pushed back, clenching around me as he did so. I looked down at my dick, which was now streaked brown, as it pounded him. My eyes lidded in pleasure, my fingers digging into his skin. I was already close, something that always happened when I fucked him.

He squeezed around me even tighter, letting out a low groan as he came over the bed. I raised my palm and bought it down hard on his ass, hearing him yelp at the contact. "Bad baby! Shooting before me!" I growled down at him, though I wasn't really that angry. The feeling of his ass tighten even more around my cock was always amazing. I only managed too spank each of his ass cheeks twice more before I spilled deep within him.

I pulled out of him, watching his asshole leak my seed briefly before getting off the bed. I tossed the now fairly clean diaper in the trash, then returned to him with a fresh one, sealing it onto him with practiced ease. He gazed up at me, suckling on his thumb and trying to look innocent. Despite his dirty face. I sighed softly, wiping a wet wipe over his lower face before tossing that too. "Want to clean me up?" He nodded enthusiastically, slipping his thumb from between his lips. He rolled onto his back, as I sat on his upper chest, aiming my dick for his face. He leaned up and lapped the filth from my cock, the stench of it still hanging in the air. I squirmed slightly as he sucked the shit from my softness. I pulled back when I was clea, his thumb quickly returning to replace it. "Into bed."

He nodded and scampered under the covers, gazing up at me lovingly as I joined him. "Night baby." I kissed his neck lightly, then switched the room's light off.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/gerard way, fic, gerard way, my chemical romance, slash
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