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Negotiations seem to have failed

So today was Job Center. I decided to walk since roadworks have messed up where the buses stop, so I was tired when I got there.

So I got there and the second thing (after signing) is about the course. She wanted me to start it July 7th (the second week of mum being gone and when Claire's gonna be here), so I tried to change it. At least switch it for a week later or something. Then I got pissed off and said I wouldn't do it cause it was useless to me. All she said then was 'the interview's over'. So I don't know if I have to go sign on on the 7th and we didn't even bother doing a job search. Useless fuckers.

So now I'm pissed and wanna strangle something. Bah.

At least money'll still be in this week though.

Bah. I'll do the Bullet post later.
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