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Advance warning

Expect another Bullet picspam sometime tomorrow. I just found an awesome site called Ultimate Bullet (how it escaped me I'll never know) and they have awesome pics. I haven't gone through em all but there's Matt topless.

Edit: And holy crap there's one of Jay. That's it, I'm dead. I love how he can look like a psychopath in one pic and the next look all innocent.

Once I've saved em i'll shower.

To-do list for this week:
*Send money to Mikey
*Squee over Doctor Who (and complain about having to wait a week and all the pairings that'll enter my head)

Fic to-do list
*Bob Bryar/Gerard Way: Infantilism
*Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/?: [need to decide who the someone else is first, suggestions appreciated]
*girl!Ray fic
*Bert Mccracken/Ian Watkins
*Something for bfmv100
*Probably another Bullet one
*The next bandana fic (dunno which it'll be so I'll decide soon... and if I can't I'll do another poll)
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