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Turn It Up

Turn It Up
Pairing: girl!Ray Toro/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Warnings: Het, tit fucking, toys
Notes: Since it's for anon_lovefest it's short.

I gazed up at him, flicking my tongue over the length of his cock to coat it in my saliva. His slim fingers held onto my curly hair tight, holding me close to his member. I kept lapping at his shaft, waiting until he pushed me away. As he did so he also released my hair, letting me fall back onto the soft bed. Our eyes locked for a moment, in silent confirmation that I was ready for this. I gave him a small nod and he reached between my legs, twisting the end of the vibrator he'd pushed inside me earlier.

I groaned in pleasure as the toy started to shake against my insides, my head tipping back against the pillows. I heard him chuckle softly above me, moving over my stomach. His cock pushed into the space between my full breasts. I shifted my hands to them, pressing them together around his shaft. "Fuck..." He groaned above me, moving his sharp hips slowly. He grabbed the lube he'd dropped to the bed beside me, popping open the cap and squeezing the slick fluid over himself when he pulled back. He then squeezed some out between my tits, make me gasp as the cool fluid landed on my heated skin.

He discarded the tube, then started to build himself into a rhythm. His hands stroked along my sides, before taking over from my own on my tits, his fingers circling my nipples every so often. "Turn it up." He half growled, half grunted down at me, his teeth chewing on his lower lip. I reached behind him, between my legs and turned the vibrator up. I bucked up slightly at the increase in power, my eyes fluttering closed in pleasure.

I gripped onto the bed sheets with one hand, moving the other to squeeze his ass and pull him close. His nails dug into my skin, gripping onto me harder as the speed of his movements increased. I'd had sex with him enough times to know that meant he was close. I slipped my fingers between his cheeks, gently stroking the skin there as I turned the vibe up more, wanting to orgasm close to when he did.

"Fuck..." I felt him spurt over me as he came, his cum landing hot and thick over my tits. Seconds later, my own body convulsed as I came around the toy, my groans filling the room. I was always louder then he was when I came. He shifted off me, flopping onto the bed beside me, removing the still buzzing toy from my pussy and turning it off. His tongue trailed over my skin, collecting all that he had spilled before covering my thick lips with his to allow me to taste.
Tags: fic, girl!ray toro, girl!ray toro/mikey way, het, mikey way, my chemical romance
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