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Lost to the sea

Things to be happy about:
*The Torchwood Season 2 boxset being half price on the BBC site (and Mikey being able to get it for me cause I lack a card to get it myself). So now I'm more settled in money and I won't have to get it myself (just send Mikey the moey when it's in.
*A new Doctor Who trailer tonight (at 6:55 on BBC2)
*Ianto signing next Saturday, before the squeeworthy ep
*One week until mum's gone for two whole weeks. Huzzah!
*Two weeks until Claire's here
*My room starting to look bit better
*Randomly writing a short fic (for anon_lovefest and it should be done soon)

Things not to be happy about:
*Mum, moaning as always
*Tomorrow, bloody job center
*Resident Evil on hard mode being so fucking hard
*Thinking about grandad today after seeing one of his drawings
*Worrying about Claire (you know I'm always here to talk to right? And we're both really in the same kinda boat)
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