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It's the end of the universe

Well, today's Doctor was Turn Left.

*The planet they started on was pretty, with the flags and everything
*The fortune teller was extremely pushy... but was she because she knew what Donna was or just wanted someone... anyone?
*The alternate universe was extremely depressing. Everyone died. First the Doctor, then Martha, Sarah-Jane and Luke (and Astrid on the Titanic) and lastly Torchwood (although Jack's taken by the Sontarans... why?). Depressing! And then the labour camps. Why?
*Wasn't the Titanic's explosion meant to do a shitload more damage? Wasn't it meant to render the whole planet uninhabitable not just the south of England? That's a pretty big gap
*The only good thing about it was there being way more Adipose. A load of Americans turning into em.
*Least we pretty much know Donna's dad's dead. That's sad.
*Her mum looked so depressed, I kept thinking she'd shot herself.
*Rose is weird, very weird. Why do UNIT obey her without her even saying her name? Why does she refuse to say it?
*The stars are going out... and the bees. I guess that means the daleks.
*So the something on Donna's back has been explained now and also her 'death' has. So maybe that means she doesn't die after all.
*The Doctor's right about that coincidence thing
*Evil Trickster brigade bug
*Bad wolf again

Next week. Oh dear gods next week. Torchwood, Sarah-Jane, Luke, Martha, (what looks like) Harriet Jones, Judoon and Daleks! I demand next week happens now. How the crap are they fitting everyone in? Surely it must be longer.

In short I want next week!
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