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Pairing: Bob Bryar/Sawa
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: BDSM, het
Notes: I started this at some point last year (at least August) for mrsvandertramp but I got stuck with it so... here it is now, finally finished, almost a year late. Due to the long gap, it's obviously different from whatever I originally had in mind but.. .well, at least it's finished now.

I opened my eyes slowly as I awoke from my slumber only to be met with darkness. After I blinked a few times I realised the darkness wasn't caused by the room I was in, but was something that covered my eyes, though I couldn't quite tell what. My head was throbbing like crazy from the night before, though I was a little hazy on the details. I remember Ray taking me out to take my mind off Gerard. I remember going with him to some club somewhere and him buying all the drinks I could handle. The last thing I remembered was Ray going off to get more drinks and not coming back.

Sighing softly at my stupid, shit memory, I decided to focus on feeling my surroundings. I was completely devoid of clothing on a bed with my hands bound tightly behind me at the wrists. My legs, however, weren't restrained at all, but it would be pointless for me to try and use them due to my lack of sight. Nervously, I bit my lip and decided that my best bet was trying to call into the darkness, to see if I was alone. "Hello? Is anyone there?"

For awhile there was silence, but just as I decided I was definately alone a voice cut through the air. "Ah, so you're awake at last." I shivered slightly at the voice, surprised that it actually belonged to a female. I heard her approach, me the sound of her footfalls sounded like she was wearing some sort of boots. "Awww, you're shaking boy. Are you cold, or is it that you're afraid of me?" As I trembled even more, she chuckled at my reaction, slapping my thigh lightly. "You don't even know what I look like, but you're still frightened of me." Her fingers trailed over my stomach lightly causing me to purr softly. "It's adorable."

I yelped as her nails scratched down over my skin, cursing her under my breath. Thankfully I don't think she heard. "Who are you?"

"Does that really matter?" Her hands were now trailing up over my chest, her nails occasionally digging into my skin. "It doesn't matter at all little Bobby. All that matters is that you know that I'm the one in control here. I control what happens to you, whether you like it or not. Understand?"

"Yes..." I whimpered softly, fearful as to what she'd do to me, though my cock was twitching slightly.

She growled and pinched my left nipple hard, causing me to bite on my lower lip in pain "Yes what?" When I didn't respond right away she twisted the tender bud roughly, making me yelp loudly in pain. "It's 'yes Mistress' now be a good little boy and remember that."

"Ye... yes Mistress." I shivered as she pinched at my right nipple now, hoping that she'd let me go soon. Or at least take the blindfold off my eyes so I could put a face to the hands.

"Good boy." Her fingers trailed lower again until she cupped my soft balls in her palm, her sudden gentle touch making my cock even harder. "It seems as if someone's excited." I felt her other hand now, the fingertips pressing against my inner thigh as the trailed between my legs. Her hand moved lower so her slender fingers could push between my asscheeks and trail along my crack ever so slowly. Clearly she was seeking out my entrance and she soon found it, a pair of her fingers circled around my ring as she did so.


"Please what?" Her grip on her balls suddenly started to tighten as she laughed at me. I yelped in pain at the feeling of my tender sac being squeezed but that was soon overtaken by the fingers that had been trailing over my hole ramming inside me.

"Fuck!" I heard her laugh again, something she seemed to be very fond of doing, as her dry digits thrust deep inside me. Although I couldn't see her, her frequent laughs made it clear that my pain amused her.

"If you be a good little boy then I'll let you see." She purred against my ear as her fingers scissored inside me none-to gently. "Do you want that? Do you want to see what your Mistress looks like little one?" I nodded meekly, curiousity about her taking over my mind. In my mind's eye I had been developing an image of what she might look like. In my mind she had long, dark hair, was quite tall and wore some sort of leather dominatrix outfit. She was probably pierced and tattooed too. Her breasts were probably nice, round and perky, with erect nipples. I realised then that the image in my head was like a female version of a kid Ray used to go out with, except she was slightly taller. "You're going to have to beg for me."

"Please Mistress... take it off me."

Her hand released it's grip on my balls but instead of moving to remove the blindfold like I expected, she slapped my hard, aching length. "That's not what I want." She growled, her teeth grazing my ear lobe. "Beg for me slut!"

I gulped and tried to think what she'd want from me. I wasn't exactly a quick thinker usually, but her fingers spreading my hole and her other hand scratching at my belly sped up my thought process greatly. "Please Mistress, I'll eat out your cunt and ass."

"There, now that's much much better." Instantly her fingers were out of my ass making me whimper slightly at the loss. Clearly she heard as she licked at my neck, nipping at my skin as she spoke. "Don't worry, you'll be filled again soon. By something much bigger then just my fingers." Her hands trailed back up over my chest, stopping only to pinch at my nipples again before they slipped behind my neck and untied the blindfold. As the material slipped away I blinked my blue eyes to adjust to the new, flickering light, which seemed to be mostly provided by candles. As she stepped back from my body I gazed over her body to get a proper look at her. She wasn't exactly as I'd pictured her, in fact the image I'd come up with was way off. Her hair was past her shoulders and bright, neon pink. She had tattoo's on her ars and around her neck, but I couldn't quite make out what they were in this light. Her slim fingers were tipped in black polished nails. She wore a tight, black, leather outfit, which had a v-slit down the front designed to show off the curves of her chest. Although I couldn't see below he waist, I could tell she wasn't wearing anything down there. She was so gorgeous I couldn't take my eyes off her to look around the room.

"Clearly you like what you see." She smirked at me, nodding down to my crotch as she wrapped her fingers around my hardness. She squeezed my length lightly then stroked slowly and steadily as she spoke. "You'll eat me out later pet. I have plans for you right now."

"Mmhmm... yes Mistress." I groaned softly, tipping my head back at the feeling of her hand, hoping her plans involved jacking me off and riding me till I see stars. If I was being honest I hoped she forgot about my offer of licking her pussy, as I'd never even licked a girl's thigh before. That's when I felt something soft around the base of my dick, which tightened against the aroused organ. "Wh..."

"Cock ring." She cut me off as she removed her hand from my aching cock. "I don't want my pet orgasming before he's allowed to now do I?" I glanced down to examine the simple, black leather ring she'd attached to me. "Now that that's done, I can get started with you properly." She mounted the bed, trailing her tongue over her lips as I finally got to view below her waist. Covering her crotch was a strap-on that was both thicker and longer the my own dick. Along it's black length there were silver studs and rings. The sight of it made me tremble fearfully, yet my hole twitched in excitement. When I eventually tore my eyes away from it, I noticed she was also wearing lace-up, thigh high boots, with spiked heels. She chuckled at my obvious fear, standing so that my legs were between her feet. "My little pet scared again?" I didn't know if responding would get me more pain, so I bit my lip again to keep my mouth shut. She raised her left foot and trailed it over my leg, the sharp heel digging into my skin. I shuddered slightly as I noticed her booted foot was heading towards my crotch. She hovered the spike of the heel over my crotch, then presssed it against the soft skin of my balls. It wasn't enough pressure to do any more then press against my skin, though it was still enough to make me whimper.

She shifted her foot away after a few moments, smiling darkly down at me. "Now, I'm going to untie your wrists and you are going to behave for me." I nodded dumbly at her as she easily rolled me onto my stomach, her fingers releasing me from my bonds. I considered briefly trying to bolt, but knew she'd probably catch me before I even left the bed. "Good boy. Now, finger yourself." I reached down for my ass, pushing two fingers between my cheeks. I slowly worked the tip of the middle finger inside me, but I stilled my movement when she slapped my ass hard. "Faster slut! I want to fuck you tonight not next week!" I whimpered, forcing both of my fingers inside myself, grunting in pain. My digits were much thicker then her own. I let my eyes lid, working to spread myself open as quickly as I could. Every few seconds she'd bring her hand back down on my ass, alternating between cheeks. The slaps were lighter then the first one, but they still stung.

"That's enough." She wrapped her hand around my wrist, yanking my fingers out of me. She moved up my body, growling softly. "Hold yourself open slut." I gripped both of my cheeks, holding them open as the studded strap-on pressed against my opening. I couldn't help but whimper again as she rubbed the plastic head over me before slamming it inside me, making me howl in pain. I could faintly hear her laugh behind me, through my sounds of pain. She rammed into me hard, gripping my hair and pulling my head back roughly. "You look so beautiful screaming in pain." She scratched down my back with her sharp nails, making me yelp loudly.

She kept slamming into me for a few more minutes, the rings and studs tearing me open as she did so. I dug my nails into my cheeks, feeling tears slide out of the corners of my eyes from the pain. Eventually she decided to stop, sliding the awful plastic cock out of me. I could feel blood trickle out of my hole, her fingers shifting to dip in the red fluid and spread it in patterns over my ass and lower back.

I opened my eyes slightly, twisting my head back to watch her as she undid the straps that held the shaft in place, letting the bloodied toy drop to the floor. "Now, for you to do what you promised." She circled the bed, keeping her gaze on me as she did, sitting on a chair beside the bed and spreading her legs. "Come to me slut." I bit my lower lip, managing to shift off the bed onto my hands and knees. I crawled over to her, the pain in my ass making my movements fairly slow, but she didn't seem as impatient as she was earlier. I shifted closer to her, stopping when I wads between her spread legs.

She took my hair in hand, pushing my face against her crotch before I could do anything. "Hands behind you whore." I groaned, parting my lips to wiggle my tongue inside her as I put my hands back behind me again. She snapped a pair of cuffs around my wrist to secure them in place, low groans leaving her lips as I wiggled my tongue in her softness. She tasted strange, like nothing I'd ever tasted before. I couldn't quite describe it. I closed my eyes, rubbing my nose against her as I wiggled my soft muscle deeper. It seemed to be enough to pleasure her as her groans intensified above me. "Fuck, good slut... deeper." I pushed my tongue as far as it will go, exploring her strange soft insides. I had no fucking idea what I was doing, so I just moved my tongue in the same way I did when it was buried up a guy's asshole.

Her cunt kept coating my tongue with wetness, whcih I guessed was a sign of her arousal as opposed to her orgasm. I opened my eyes to look up at her, watching as he head tipped back against the chair while her hips bucked up. I kept my eyes on her face, breathing her strong scent through my nose while I darted my tongue in and out of her. She gripped my hair tighter, letting out a cry of pleasure as she soaked my tongue. I swallowed the fluid curiously, moving back when she released me.

"Surprisingly good whore..." She stroked my hair, with surprising gentleness to earlier, her other hand running through her own pink hair as she panted softly. She sat their to regain her composure, her chest rising and falling. She pushed me away, then rose and headed towards the bed. She picked up the blindfold, wrapping it around my head and blocking out my vision. "Someone will come for you later." And then, without another word, she left me.

I wasn't sure how much time past between her leaving and the door opening. By that time I was laying on the floor and I turned my head in the direction of whoever it was. I felt fingers stroke my shaft, then a warm mouth engulf the tip. I groaned softly, the fingers removing the ring from the base of my cock before cupping my balls. The pieced tongue of whoever it was lapped along my veins while the head bobbed up and down. They squeezed their lips at regular intervals, humming around me softly. To my surprise it didn't take much to get me to cum and they swallowed every drop eagerly.

They slipped off my cock, moving their hands from me. I could hear they were moving around the room, opening something before they returned to me, helping me up to my feet and slipping a back over my shoulder. Next they slipped a gag into my mouth, securing it around my head before leaving me again. I felt something pull on the gag and quickly realised a leash had to be connnected to the ball in my mouth. I followed the tugging unsteadily out of the room, unsure of where I was going. This went on for several minutes, until I felt the cold air of outside against my bare skin.

"Your friend is on his way." A soft voice spoke as he did the gag, pushing me gently against a wall and letting me sldie to the floor. The accent was unfamiliar to me, though I could just about tell it was a male's voice. "The bag has your clothes, phone, wallet and whatever else you had with you. As well as a key to the cuffs. Bye." His lips pressed against mine, then I heard him move away from me.

Again, an unknown passage of time past. "Dude, what the hell happened to you?" It was Ray's familiar drunken voice. I smiled at him when he removed the blindfold, confusion clear on the face. I wasn't sure exactly how to answer him, which he just shrugged off. He helped me stand, leading me to his nearby car to take me home.
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