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Heartbeat In Stereo

Heartbeat In Stereo
Pairing: 10th Doctor/Jethro Cane
POV: Doctor
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This was originally planned as sex in the toilets on the craft, but it changed. (Mostly cause... hey, where's the toilets?) This seems to have been a nightmare to write cause I started it Sunday and couldn't get more down. bah. Well, ehre it is.

198 kliks into the trip

Everyone seemed to be getting along fairly well now. Brilliant. It always amazed me how humans could always work out a way to get on with each other. The only thing was the boy, Jethro. He'd kept to himself the whole trip so far, not saying anything. He just sat there, listening to his music. Still, I'd noticed his eyes flick to me every so often. Maybe he wanted to talk, but didn't know when to make the first move. He shifted from his seat, heading towards the back of the craft.

I slipped out of my seat, following the young boy as he walked along. Once we were back there, he turned to look at me, pulling an ear bud out of his ear as he did so. "Hello."

"Hi, I'm the..."

"I heard." He offered me a small smile, leaning against the wall. "I'm Jethro, though my stupid parents probably already told you that." I nodded slightly, giving a sideways glance to his parents. Yes, they'd mentioned him, though it was a brief, only passing reference. "I can't wait to be away from them. They still treat me like a child."

"Well, I guess they still see you as their little boy. Even though you're not clearly little anymore."

He chuckled softly, shaking his head. "I guess you're right. But they're still not letting me have any time alone here. I mean, this is a leisure planet and I can't have any fun." I had a feeling his definition of fun would be much more like Jack's then his parents. I knew in the lower levels of the palace there as a brothel of sorts, though I hadn't let Donna in on that. I didn't want her getting ideas. He lowered his voice. "That's one of the reasons I wanted to come out to the sapphire waterfalls, cause when we get back they'll be tired and I can just... gods, why am I telling you all this?"

I just grinned at him. "Maybe I just have a friendly face."

"Maybe..." He looked down at his black nailed fingers. He gulped, then returned his gaze at me, keeping his voice quiet. "Maybe you and me could... you know, when we get back. That is if you're into..." His cheeks flushed slightly as he spoke and I couldn't help but lean in and kiss them. It would be better for him to go with me then spend his money on a whore right?

"Meet me by the crystal fountain. Tomorrow at eleven ok?" He nodded with a wide smile, kissing me shyly on the lips

"Thank you..." I left him as he pushed the bud back in his ear, though I heard no sound coming from it, not even the faintest trace of music. Strange.


I walked through the leisure palace, trying to get my head together. Yesterday had been a very unsettling experience. It was obvious to me now that I'd probably jinxed myself by saying 'what could go wrong' before I got onboard. I sighed softly, looking up at the crystal fountain as I approached it. The fountain was made out of pure crystal, with water spilling out of it at various points. The crystals seemed to shine due to the light refracted through it, making it quite beautiful.

Sitting on the side of the fountain was Jethro. He was still wearing pretty much the same as he had been before and his gaze was on the water. "Jethro?"

"Doctor." He looked up at me, smiling sadly at me. "I wasn't sure you'd come..." To be honest I'd forgotten that I'd promised to met him, at least consciously anyway. Almost being turned to dust does that to me. "I'm sorry, for everything. Especially mum for leading the charge against you." His eyes glanced at the flowing water and I could tell he felt guilty. What happened wasn't his fault. I didn't blame him for what happened, not in the slightest. I grasped his chin, turning his head to face me gently. He smiled a little, waving a computer pad that he grasped in one hand. "I've decided what I want to do though."

"What's that?" I asked softly, settling next to him.

"I got an application to the Torchwood Archive. I want to explore, see new things, make a difference. With them I can."

"Quite right too." I grinned at him, releasing his chin and snatching the pad from him. "I think I can help you with that." If Jack was still with Torchwood, then maybe I could help get him in. There was a reference thing, so I typed a few details. That I was the Doctor aka John Smith and that I thought Jethro would be a good candidate. If Jack was there he'd know Smith was me at least. I nodded, scrolling down through the thing and sending it for him. It was fully filled in anyway. "There."

"Thanks..." He gazed at me, taking the pad back when I offered it him. "Would you still like to..."

I nodded and stood up, taking his empty hand in mine. "Come on, I've got a room."

The room was actually a large suite that I'd been offered by the leisure palace's owners as a form of compensation for the way the trip had turned out. The room was over twice as large as a regular one with one wall made entirely of a curve of glass overlooking the glistening planet. "Wow..." He gasped after giving the room a quick glance over, his eyes wide. I smiled at him, pulling him towards the queen-size bed. I kissed him lightly as I pushed him back on the soft sheets, running my hands along his sides.

In almost no time at all, our hands were touching each other's bare chests. He was slimmer then I was, with peaked nipples and unblemished pale skin. I was no stranger to sex, I just didn't really see the need to have it very often or with everyone I met. We parted to remove the remainder of our clothing, rejoining only when we were fully naked. Our bodies pressed against each other, our arousal's rubbing against each other. Our lips met again, my fingers sliping between his legs to seek out his opening. I pushed my middle finger into him, which made him gasp against my lips. "Are you alright?"

He nodded slightly, trying to push back against me. "Yeah, of course. I've done this before." I'd been around humans long enough to know a lie when I heard one, but I decided to let it slide. I thrust my finger deeper within him, until it was fully buried within his body. I wiggled it slowly within him, then started pushing a second beside it. I spread them quickly, working his young body open. He groaned softly, gripping tightly to the sheets as I did. I curled my fingers inside him, searching for his spot. He let out a low moan, bucking his hips, his hard cock twitching.

I removed my fingers from him, shifting between his legs and aiming my member for his entrance. I looked in his eyes, silently awaiting confirmation from him. He nodded after a few moments. I thrust my cock deep within him. He bit his lip, but I could still hear his groans from low in his throat. I held onto his hips, burying myself fully inside the boy's body. After a few moments I started thrusting slowly within him, watching his face intently for any sign of pain or discomfort. I steadily increased my speed, as his hand grasped his cock and started to jerk it. "That's so hot Jethro."

He smiled and increased his pace, his asshole squeezing around me while his legs wrapped tight around my waist. I trailed my hands over his body, gazing at his neck as his head tipped back against the sheets. He gripped the sheets tighter with his free hand, pumping his dick faster with his other. I kept my thrusts random, never wanting to set a pace he could go by. I always slammed into him fully, balls deep, hearing my soft sac slap against his skin every time I did. "Oh Doctor... fuck, right there."

I smiled down at him, making sure my dick always hit his spot now I knew where it was. His moans became louder and louder, his young body arching and twitching. I leaned over him, lapping at his exposed neck. "You're such a pretty boy Jethro. And you're so hot and tight too." He was mumbling things under his breath, though I doubt they were anything more then the swear words of this era. I nipped at the place where his neck and shoulder met, then pulled away to make my thrusts rougher. A few moments later he spilled thickly over his belly, the remainder of his cum dribbling down his fingers to swear against his wristband.

His insides squeezed around me tighter as he orgasmed, pulling my own out of me as he did. My eyes lidded as I filled him, my lips moaning his name. I fell against his body, his legs landing on the bed as they released me. I slide out of his hole, rolling onto the soft sheets of the bed. He panted heavily, a wide smile on his lips. "Thank you... that was wonderful." I returned his smile, but said nothing as he rested his head against my chest, my eyes lidding. "Hey... why is your heartbeat in stereo?"
Tags: 10/jethro cane, 10th doctor, doctor who, fic, jethro cane, slash
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