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A fading light in the dark

Kerrang day again. I managed to scrape enough to get it, jsut barely. Thankfully the woman in the Co-Op was good natured bout all the change.

I only skimmed through, but Claire's in it again (and more obvious then the Where's Wally like one last week). It amuses me that Simple Plan apparently kept calling Download Birmingham. Madina Lake look pretty (though mateo should lose the hair). Dna's arching his back. There's three gigs I wanna go to: The Blackout, Kill Hannah and Bullet For My Valentine. Brendon likes Family Guy.

Next week has fucking MSI again. Bah. No sign of what the poster'll be either.

We saw nan, she was chatty though as usual we couldn't understand anything. I think she recognised me. On the way I passed the horses. Yay the ickle one was standing and walking about. It's daddy was trying to mount another one, and another looks pregnant (or is just fat).

I need to get Rock Sound for the posters.

We have a frog in the green house. Odd no? Especially so considering the nearest body of water is over several roads.
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