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In the cold and the diamonds

Today's been another day when I've felt drained for no reason. Least yesterday had the excuse of being outside.

What arrives today? A card from the stupid Job Center saying I have to go in at 2 next week. Why not just tell me that yesterday? Bah, waste of time they are. It's with the same person I've had before, so I'm going to make sure she knows how much I distate the courses. They will not make me do one.

I've spent the day on Theme Hospital and trying to sort fic, though the latter was mostly a failure. It's now ground to a complete and total halt. I fear I'll have to start something else if I can't get going soon. (Maybe another thing with Spencer, I seem to want to do a Spencer fic though I dunno with who.)

I've also been on Resident Evil and watched some Will and Grace.

A dude outside kept playing Funeral For A Friend, so they're now on the playlist.

I'm seeing nan tomorrow at lunch time, so that'll probably make me tired again.

I won't be fully alone when mum's away, Claire'll be hopefully coming to pester me and keep me insane.

I need to find more caps from The Clone Wars trailers so I have an icon ready for it. I can't wait for it. There was a clip awhile ago and the battle droids were so funnily stupid.

*battle droid falls off a cliff*
Battle Droid Commander: Come back soldier

See? Ah B1 Series battle droids amuse me so, they're so stupid. At least the deadly droids don't have a vocoder. A droideka saying stuff like that would really make it less intimidating.

Anyway, end fairly pointless post.
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