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Ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon

I didn't like last night. There was fighting outside, with really loud, scary shouting too. Twas frightening.

I tried to get the Midnight fic started and finished in one day, but I failed and ended up drawing a blank. Today I got ideas for it but couldn't get em down. I'll try later.

It's not just that one though, for all the ones I have open I'm blank for too. Maybe I need ideas.

Family Guy last night was awesome. I adore Stewie.

I've been on Theme Hospital. It amuses me cause the doctors are idiots. If a patient is glowing green then they have raditiation. f they have big heads then they obviously have Bloaty Head. And so on.

Today was Job Center which wasn't bad. It was mostly boring but quick. Huzzah. My new signing on time is Monday... at 9:55. Cunts. Evil, early time.

Anyway, that was my day. Not very interesting, but they rarely are.
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