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How it feels to decay

I don't like today. Today's Father's Day here. I've never liked that day. It comes from first never knowing mine and now from losing the substitute. We're going to the cemetary soon.

The universe is fucking cruel sometimes.

But sometimes it randomly throws you explanations for things that don't make sense.

I feel the need to make the rest of this post random and more upbeat before I become sad like I did last night, so I will.

I hate that Mateo's suddenly decided to grow a beard (I could have used this info before I did the Download fic). It's not very attractive.

My brain will not let go of an idea I had a few days back, even though I can't use it at the moment and it knows that. I need to do another first.

My digibox now only gets BBC channels up here. I'm gonna check (at some future time) if it's the box or the aerial, by switching with the downstairs one. I was gonna do it yesterday but didn't.

I started a new Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles game on hard and I've done the first too levels. I hate the leeches, it kills the wrist.

I'm watching Midnight again, then doing the fic based on it. Unless I start it earlier. I have pics ready for it. And an icon too.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.

I've managed to convinvce myself that Asajj Ventress and Aurra Sing are doing it (despite knowing they probably didn't meet at all prior to or during the Clone Wars). After all, they're both white skinned, Jedi hating chicks. that's gotta equal sex.

Anyway, I'm off now.
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