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Sometimes It Pays To Have A Stalker

Sometimes It Pays To Have A Stalker
Pairing: Mateo Camargo/Jay James
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Asphyxiation
Notes: Set at this year's Download, hence why I'm vague about clothing.

I felt that we were being watched as we walked between tents. Of course I was used to the casual glance, but this... I was sure someone was following us. If anyone was, they probably were following for Matt. I twisted my head around to see if there was anyone looking shifty. About ten meters behind us there was a guy who I didn't know, though the pass that hung around his neck identified him as being an act or one of the crew. When our eyes met, his cheeks flushed and he turned away. Clearly I'd caught him, though he didn't stop following us. I shook my head, turning back to look where I was going. "You saw him too huh?" I glanced at Moose, nodding at him as he let out a soft chuckle. "He's been sneaking behind us for an hour. Don't worry about it."

I glanced back at the dark haired male, then nodded in agreement. "Yeah..."


As I came offstage, I ran a hand through my sweaty hair. I'd seen him from the corner of my eye all through our performance, watching from the side of the stage. I'd tried not to get distracted by him. Now he was gone. I sighed softly, shaking my head. Moose and Padge were now discussing who that the guy was watching. "Nah, he was looking at me." I shook my head slightly at Moose's words.

"Are you fucking drunk Moosi?" Padge responded in his gruff voice as they both passed me, punching Moose lightly on the arm. "His eyes were on the stage, not your kit."

I shook my head slightly, not wanting to chip in. I was still certain he'd been watching Matt. They both disappeared from my sight, both eager to get a few drinks in them before we had to leave. Matt, however, stayed walking at a similar pace to mine. "You think that he was watching me?" He asked, clearly curious but I just responded with a shrug not wanting to let him know what I was thinking. After all, I didn't want to scare him... or inflate his ego. "Hmm, ok. I'm heading back to the bus. You coming?"

I shook my head slightly, not wanting to deal with his stalker. "I'll be alright."

"Ok." He offered me a smile before heading off in the direction of the bus, his hair and clothes sticking to his skin. "See you later."

Once he was gone I headed back to the tent that made up a makeshift dressing room. We hadn't elft any clothes there, but I knew it'd be a place I could get some peace for awhile. As I entered the small tent though, I quickly saw I wasn't alone. There, sitting on a fold out chair, was Matt's stalker. His eyes lit up when he saw me, the corners of his lips turning up into a smile a few seconds later. "Ah, you came. I'm so glad." His voice sounded vaguely American, although what part he was from was unclear. Why did they have to have so many bloody accents? It meant he wasn't likely to be part of the crew, unless one of the other bands had bought him in with them. His pass was no longer around his neck, so I had no way of telling.

"You'll be after Matt, I'll just go..." I spoke softly, trying to hide my nerves at him being here. I couldn't exactly bolt right after a performance and I didn't want to take my eyes of him.

"I don't want Matt. I want you, Jay James." He kept his gaze on me, licking his lips. "You don't realise how pretty you are do you? Moving around on stage all sweaty and screaming and wiggling." He let out a small groan, his eyes lidding for a brief moment. "See, you're so hot to me. Much more then Matt, he gets too much of the glory, you need more."

"I..." I gulped, not quite sure what he meant. I preferred things as they were. I was shy, unlike Matt and content to let him take the spotlight whenever possible. Whenever I had the camera and microphone thrust upon me I generally tended to babble or let the interviewer do the talking. "I prefer it like this."

"You shouldn't." He stood up, slowly heading over to me. I froze in place as he approached me, one of his hands reaching forward to stroke my sweaty cheek. I didn't pull away, even though I wanted to. He leaned in close to me, his breath hot on my face. I gazed up at him, wondering what he was going to do with me. I didn't know what to do with obsessive stakers. Should I punch him in the face? Try to run away? Offer to sign him something? I found myself subconciously leaning into his palm, my eyes still looking into his. "I know you have to be going soon. In fact it's what's took me so long to decide if I should talk to you or not." He bite his lower lip, leaning even closer to me. "But I can do my best with the time we're given."

I gulped again, sucking my lower lip to wet it. "To do what?"

"Please you." He captured my lips in his own, catching me by surprise. I was even more surprised when I not only parted my lips, but also flicked my tongue against his. he seemed pleased by this, as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pushing his body against mine as he deepened the kiss. I could feel his hardness press against my crotch, clearly showing how eager he was. His lips left mine after a few moments, his eyes twinkling. "Tell me what you want Jay, anything at all."

"First, tell me your name."

"Mateo. Mateo Camargo from Madina Lake." I smiled and nodded, never having heard of such a place. I'd have to look it up at some point. He moved his hand down to my ass, giving it a gentle, yet firm squeeze. "Now, tell me how I can please you."

Various images filled my mind, though most were unfeasable in the short tme we had. And the fact we were in a tent without anything that could be used as restraints and I doubted there was any rubber suits or sex toys near here. I considered the resources at hand. There was my belt, though belt's were shit as restraints. I glanced quickly around the room, taking stock of my surroundings. Since we were going so soon we hadn't even bought anything here. No random drumstick, no jar of peanut butter, empty bottle or length of cord. I didn't need to expell anything either. I thought quickly, nodding slightly to myself. "Take off your jeans." He nodded and parted from me, clearly eager to do so. I lazily undid my own, sliding my belt from around my waist, watching him as he exposed the lower half of his body for me. He turned himself around, showing off his ass which had a black plug buried between his cheeks.

I smiled, reaching for it and easing it out. I guess we weren't without things at all. I smiled as it popped out, examining it briefly. It was a decent size, big enough to mean I wouldn't have to finger him open. I dropped the rubber to the floor, letting it fall in his jeans. My cock stood thick and erect, the tip shining with arousal. I moved behind him, holding the base of my dick in one hand and the belt in the other. I looped the leather of the belt around his neck, pressing my cock between his cheeks. I slammed myself into him in one fluid thrust, releasing a low groan as I filled him. "Oh yes... Jay... just like that." I growled at him, pulling on the belt to tighten it.

While I was normally shy, during sex I was actually quite dominant. I purred softly in his ear as I started thrusting in and out, the ladder of my cock rubbing against his walls. "You feel so nice Mateo. Oh yes, a very good fuck." I kept slamming in and out, my balls slapping against his ass as I did so. I kept my pace was hard and rough, my hands gripping his hips. I could see his eyes flutter, his head tipping back in pleasure. I smiled, tugging tighter on the belt, more sweat leaking out of my skin. He let out a low groan, taking his dick in hand and stroking it steadily. "That's it, keep jacking off. Make yourself shoot for me."

He gasped, squeezing around me tight in pulses. More moans of pleasure left his lips and I tightened it more around his neck, watching as the skin of his face turned paler. I kissed his neck just above the belt, speeding up. A show always made me excited, that's why I often tried to get away on my own after gigs. Even if it was just to wank alone, though this... this was preferable. I noted how his lips had now turned slightly blue from the constriction of the belt. He spasmed more around me, gasping out for air as much as in pleasure. I released my grip, allowing myself to orgasm inside him. It was a shame it happened so fast, though that's what the buzz of a show did to me. I felt him release too, his fluid coating his t-shirt in thick bursts.

I pulled myself out, slowly slipping the belt from around him. He fell against me, coughing slightly as he regained his breath. "That was..." He took deep breaths between pants and I nodded with a smile, tucking my cock away and pulling my jeans closed. I knelt downm, picking up the plug and pushing it within him, sealing my cum within him. I then guided him to the chair, letting him drop into it lightly.

"Would you like the belt? As a momento." He nodded, panting softly and I let it drop on his lap. I didn't mind losing it, I had a spare on the bus. I kissed his cheek, then stood at one of he tables, grabbing a pen and scrawling something on a piece of paper, tearing it away from the pad it was on. It was a simple note really. Just telling him I enjoyed it and if he was ever in the country again to give me a call.

I smiled at him, kissing his forehead as I left, plucking his underwear forom his jeans and replacing them with the note. I stuffed the material in my pocket, then left quickly. I was always awkward with post-sex talk. It was always best for me to leave the scene. Especially since I had an excuse this time. I took one last look at him, noting the red band mark around his neck, then slipped out.

I'd really have to check where that Madina Lake place was.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/mateo camargo, madina lake, mateo camargo, slash
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