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Banging on the outside

Doctor Who ramblings again:
*Midnight's very pretty, but also very mysterious (not showing the outside)
*Didn't the Doctor realise he jinxed it by saying 'what could go wrong?'
*It's like a plane or bus the transport (only the toilet isn't pointed out but I assume there is one). Overstimulation with the entertainment much?
*Oh Jethro's so pretty (and the Doctor so did him in the toilet's before everything went bad [which I'm totally doing once I've a cap of him]). I hope he comes back.
*Sky the lesbian!
*The creature's never actually seen on the outside
*The creature's never explained.
*The repeating is weird and scary
*The Doctor shouldn't keep saying he's clever. It didn't work for him this time at all.
*Evil people trying to kill him... though it 's mostly panic and paranoia
*In the end, the hostess saved everyone (ironic since the Hosts on the Titanic tried to kill everyone). Well, the Doctor anyway (there's no proof that the creature was actually going to hurt anyone)
*The Medusa Cascade again... and a dissappeared moon and Rose... briefly. And the Doctor missing her
*Donna wasn't in it much, but I knew that anyway.

I'm totally watching all the repeats. I thought it was pretty brilliant (one of the best of this series definately, after Partners In Crime and Voyage Of The Damned of course)

Next week has Rose back properly. And the stars disappearing. And something on Donna's back. And apparently a dead Doctor. Though it's reportedly in Rose's universe so dead Doctor could mean any number of bad things.

But I now have the sweet taste of Pepsi again, so all is right in the world!

And Claire's awesome, thankie!
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