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Then our lungs would be to small to breath the air molecules

This is too early for me, especially since it's a Saturday. Bah! Be warned, that means this post probably will not make sense.

From lemmethink_nooo Drop the towels boys and by that I of course mean Spencer.

Nathan's got another Japanese headband. Where's he getting them from? Mateo's got a strange voice, I like it. I've never noticed it before, probably cause he seems to be the token quiet one. Why does Matthew have canes? It's interesting that Madina seem to be at Download a day early.

I started watching Farscape again last night. I'd forgotten how much I loved it. I wish I had one full complete series, but I don't. I'm short of a coupla double dvds for 3 and 4, only have one for 2 and none for 1. I gotta be on the lookout again. I wish I had the first few episodes with Grayza, I liked her. I started on the 4 eps I've got. I like Sikozu, probably causa her hair.

Anyway, I hate how good games are coming out on the Wii all at once. Again. Lego Indy's out, then Alone In The Dark's out at the end of the week and then there's Brawl which simply has to come out days before the Torchwood boxset.

And why does the MCR cd/dvd have to come out the same day too? I hate you end of June. It's bad enough that I probably won't be able to sort Torchwood out on the release day like I planned.

Blissfully I don't have to deal with more family today like I expected. Huzzah! Though mum did have to be loud and wake up up before 8. Bah.

The stupid Job Center changed my appointment Monday to a more reasonable time, but I'm worried it'll be with a strange person who'll be annoying. I just hope I'll have money by the end of next week.

I hate that I fell asleep and ended up missing TNG on BBC2 cause it had a Q ep. It's not fairrr.

I seem to have creative block cause none of my ideas seem to want to get put down. Maybe it's causa how late it was last night when I tried though.

I think I may go on Umbrella Chronicles later, set it to hard too. Zombie shooting's good.

I posted on mychemicalslash, which ended up being a good thing for once.

The mcr_fridayfive (my questions, yay!) only on a saturday. But it's bound to be friday somewhere still right? (And if I'd realised it was the 13th I might've done different questions but...)

1: If MCR were animals what do you think they'd be and why?
(why is it I always have to come up with a question I don't have an answer for right away?)
Gerard: A lot of people say a gazelle (causa him writing it on his arm) my mind wants to say a sheep in Wales. For obvious reasons. Or a bat, cause of how much he likes them.
Mikey: A flamingo. Cause they have long legs. Or or a stick insect, cause they're thin all over.
Frankie: One of those tropical birds that's all colourful, cause of all the tatts.
Bob: A kitten! Cause he seems to like kittens. And cause cats can be quite... weary to strangers but real cuddly once you get to know them.
Ray: A lion, causa the hair mainly. He'd probably be a tame one instead of maneating though.

2: Do you think Bob will look into his solo project during his time off? If so what do you think he'd sing about?
Yes, I'd love him to at least try. Of course he'd sing first about Gerard, then about kittens, drumming and do a ballad to Ray's fro. (And he can't not do it cause Ilan's Lostprophets' drummer and his solo stuff's awesome)

3: Mikey once said he could eat his own body weight in sushi. Is there any food you'd want to eat your own body weight in?
Probably sushi too. Anyone that's seen me in Yo Sushi can testify to that.

4: When the boy's next tour (after their nice long rest) who'd you want to see as support acts?
Not MSI again, or ever. If they announced them as support I was going to I'd seriously get rid of my ticket. I think they could have quite a bigish name (like Lostprophets did on their tour the other year) so Madina Lake or The Blackout (or try and get The Used to really annoy Bert). It would be really, really interesting to see Bullet on tour with them. It'd never happen in a trillion years, but it'd be interesting.

5: Do you think James should be made a permenant member?
I dunno. I guess it depends on his involvement with the next album. If they use keyboards more then yeah, otherwise no. He's pretty.
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