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According To Plan

According To Plan
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Mikey Way/Ray Toro
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Double penetration
Notes: I wrote this as being set not long after Bob joined MCR, so they look like they do in this as opposed to how they look now.

"Are you sure about this?" Mikey pushed pushed his glasses back up his nose as he spoke in his soft voice. "I mean, we don't even know for sure if he likes guys."

"Trust me Mikes, he likes cock." I nodded, my curls bouncing a little as I did so. I was 100% certain that our new drummer, Bob, was gay or at least curious. For one, I'd seen the way he looked at Gerard longingly, also... he'd toured with The Used. Soon he'd be here and we'd know for sure. "It shouldn't be that hard to get him to do what we want."

Mikey nodded, laying back on the bed of our hotel room. I knew he had his doubts about this. He'd first suggested that we ask his brother instead of Bob, but I thought we should try something different. Plus, I had a feeling Bob'd be bigger. I bent down over him, kissing his cheek gently as I heard a soft tapping at the door. I slipped off the bed, crossing the short space to the door, combing my fingers through my curls before opening it. As I expected, there stood Bob, his blue eyes meeting mine. "Hey dude, you said you wanted to hang out?"

I licked my lips, nodding and stepping aside to allow Bob entry. He glanced past me, nodding to Mikey as he stepped inside. "So, you guys got something in mind?"

"Yeah, we do." I flicked my eyes to Mikey, then pressed my body up against Bob an action which made him gasp in surprise. Bob looked at me, confusion obvious on his round face. I smiled, reaching down to stroke along his sides as I ground my hips slightly against him. I let my fingertips move lower, towards his crotch watching his face to guage his reaction. He didn't move away or even try to stop me and I could see in his eyes that he wanted it. Good, just as I'd expected. I leaned in close to him, covering his lips with mine, wrapping an arm around his waist while my other hand groped his bulging crotch. While I kissed him, Mikey left the bed, moving up behind me to trail light kisses on the back of my neck.

After a few moments I parted slightly from him, resting my forehead against his. "So you and Mikey are..." I nodded. "And you want me to..." I smiled at him, his eyes moving between me and Mikey, who now rested his head on my shoulder with his arms looped around me. He chewed his lower lip in thought then spoke softly. "Alright. What is it you want exactly?"

I flicked the button of his pants open with my thumb, pressing my palm against his covered cock. "There is one thing we want to try. Well, I do slightly more then Mikey." I slowly undid Bob's fly, pushing his pants down when the zipper reached the base. "Do you know what double penetration is?" He let out a low groan, his eyes once again meeting mine. Oh, he knew what it was alright. I pulled his boxers down slightly, licking my lips as I gazed at his thickness. He was just as I predicted. "And you'll be one of the ones doing the penetrating."

"And you'll be the other?"

I turned slightly to Mikey, before shaking my head. His slim fingers worked on my pants as I spoke to Bob. "You'll both be in me." I pulled his t-shirt slowly up and off his body, tracing my fingers over his round belly. Again, he looked surprised but I just smiled. Mikey's hands pushed my pants and underwear down as I tossed Bob's tee away. I pulled away from Bob, whispering softly into Mikey's ear as I shifted. "Why don't you two get better acquainted?"

Mikey took the hint, taking my place before Bob and kissing him. Bob's strong hands worked on stripping him of his clothes, while I removed my tee, dropping it to the floor. Mikey pulled him slowly towards the bed as his clothes joined ours across the floor. I tore my gaze away from them as Bob kissed along Mikey's neck, knowing I had to ready myself for them. I reached for the lube that sat on the bedside table, popping the top and coating my fingers with the slick fluid. I felt their eyes on me as I lowered my fingers to my ass, tossing the tube behind me to them. I smirked slightly to myself turning around to give them a perfect view of me. I gripped one of my ass cheeks with my left hand, pulling it open as I pushed my thick middle finger slowly inside my asshole. I bit my lower lip, wiggling it around as I pushed it deeper.

"Fuck, that's hot." I smiled and shuffled back towards the bed a litte more, feeling Bob's hand on my other cheek. I glanced over my shoulder, watching as Mikey coated one of Bob's fingers in the lube. I groaned softly, burying my own finger knuckle deep and squirming it around. In hopes that this would go as I hoped, I'd had a dildo up my ass for about an hour, just to speed things along. I'd removed it not long before he'd came. Mikey whispered something in his ear, which made Bob moan softly. "Shit... I wish I'd seen that." He pulled the cheek he had in his grip open, then traced his sticky finger along my cleft before forcing it alongside my own. I half hissed, half gasped at the intrusion, pushing myself back against him and twitching my hole around us.

I felt Mikey's hand grip my wrist, pulling my finger out of me and replacing it with one of his slender digits. Together, they worked me more open, both working a second finger inside me at the same time. I clenched around them both, gasping as Mikey curled his finger and brushed it against my spot. "I think... that'll be enough." I heard Mikey whisper in his soft voice, followed by a very soft pop as they both removed themselves at the same time. I whimpered softly at the loss, even though I knew that I'd soon be filled again by something bigger soon. "Come get on me."

I nodded, turning around and climbing on the bed, where Mikey lay with his dick in hand. I moved up his slim body until my ass was just above his throbbing dick, then I lowered myself onto it, quickly impaling myself on him. Mikey groaned below me, holding onto my sides tightly as his sharp hips thrust up against my ass. I wiggled myself against him, laying slightly over him as his cock moved in and out of me. Bob's hands were on my back, his fingers drawing circles and spirals along my heated skin. He pressed himself up against me, his dick pushing between my cheeks. "Sure you want this?"

I noddded, his head pressing against my stretched opening. "Fuck yes Bob. Just do it."

Without another word he eased himself inside me alongside Mikey, my eyelids fluttering closed at the feeling of pain that accompanied his entry. Mikey's fingers stroked me soothingly, his movements stilled to allow me to adjust to the new fullness. Only once before now had I felt so filled, when I'd convinced Mikey to push his fist inside me, though this felt much more satisfying. I buried my head against Mikey's neck, kissing lightly against his skin. "Ok Bob, we can start moving now." Mikey restarted moving his dick, though at a much slower pace.

Bob waited a few moments before doing the same, groaning loudly as he did so. "Fuck Ray, you feel so good." He held onto my cheeks, digging his fingernails into my skin as he thrust into me. Mikey's palms stroked over my chest, his fingers pinching each of my nipples in turn. They settled into a rhythm between themselves, with Bob pulling out as Mikey thrusted in then the other way around. Both of them slammed against my spot when they were fully inside me, which made my cock jerk against Mikey's flat stomach. He shifted a hand to my erection, pumping me in time to his thrusts. I kept my eyes lidded, groaning in pleasure from both their cocks pounding me and Mikey's hand jacking my length.

Bob snaked an arm around my waist, using it to pull me up so my back pressed against his sweaty belly. His lips found my neck, kissing and nipping at my skin as he thurst himself harder into me. "Fuck your ass is so amazing Ray. I never would've thought you'd take it up the ass." I let out a small laugh between breathless pants. No one ever did simply because of what I looked like. Thankfully Mikey was like me: the opposite as his appearence dictated. I smiled to myself, squeezing my insides around them both as they plunged into me. The pair of them cried out in pleasure at the small action. I grinned to myself, though soon lost it as they both slammed into me at the same time. Bob took my balls in hand, rolling them in his fingers gently while his kissed along my shoulder blades. "You better fucking cum soon for us Ray because, fuck, I know I'm close."

"Me too." I heard Mikey whisper below me, his hips now jerking against me randomly. I opened my eyes, gazing at his sweat-covered face, the hair of his fringe sticking to his forehead and his glasses slightly steamed up. I smiled turning my head to look at Bob. His round cheeks were flushed, his mouth letting out moans every few seconds. He looked so hot like that. I tipped my head back against his shoulder, feeling his tongue wiggle against my arm pit.

"Oh shit Bob..." I bucked against Mikey's hand again as he lapped up my sweat. My eyes lidded again as I groaned out a mixture of their names, releasing over Mikey's chest. My opening contracted tighter around them both as rode out my orgasm, causing Mikey to cum within me. I heard him cry out my name as he did so, his sticky fluid coating their thrusting cocks. Bob kept pounding me a good few minutes before finally letting out a low grunt and spilling deep inside me.

When Bob released me, I fell atop Mikey, my cum and our sweat making our chests stick together. Bob chuckled softly, then I felt the drummer's cock slide out of me with a soft pop before he collapsed on the bed beside us. I offered him a small smile, which he returned. "That was..."

"I know. Thank you." I leaned over to him, planting a kiss on his lips, which he lazily returned. His tongue tasted of sweat.

"If you ever want to do it again..."

"Well, I'm sure we will." I grinned at him, knowing I'd want to do it again. Maybe he'd be into other things to, though we could get into that later. When we weren't exhausted and sticky. I could already hear Mikey snore. "Stay with us." He smiled, curling up on the bed, his pretty eyes lidding. I shifted off Mikey to lay on his other side, watching as Bob draped an arm across his chest in his sleep. I was content to watch them sleep for awhile, scooping their combined juices from my ass and sucking them off my fingers. This whole thing had gone so much better then I expected.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/mikey way/ray toro, fic, mikey way, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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