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Me is my least favourite of all your children

Bring on August. Why's everything good have to happen then? August is an awesome month this year. Maybe I should just hibernate till then.

So the the new stupid Job Center people fucked up. They closed my thing without even informing me. So now I have to fill in forms to hand in Monday. And have to be up and there insanely early to do it. 9:50am. Bah. They drive me insane. There's no way they're putting me on that crappy course again though. It's completely crap and if they try and make me I'll refuse to sign the form they'd require me to sign for it.

Bah, they piss me off.

I've been asleep the past two hours cause I've been so tired. I dunno why.

I had a dream that I can't fully rememeber. Same as last night.

I did a random poll earlier cause I was bored and semi-curious.

I've tried writing but ground to a halt so...

I managed to get Kerrang this morning. I wanna stab Lyn-Z on the cover (and the poster inside) cause she annoys me so much. Gah! Whenever I see her I want to punch her in the face. Lostprophets are half pretty. Ian's hot, Ilan's cute as always and Mike's cute... but looks half asleep. I've never gone much on Stuart (probaby causa sharing the name), Lee just looks... wrong non-blonde and Jamie looks wronger blonde. Why have Welshy's always gotta go platinum blonde at some point?

Then there's a pretty pic of Elliot Minor, who might go on stage in armour. there's a thing with Madina's Matthew, who's excited about playing, has confetti cannons and is worried about shitting somewhere random. Last (though not really since it's between the two) is Bullet. They have to leave right after the show to go to Switzerland, which is kinda sad since they can't party with Madina (although they will in my head). Among Matt's essential items for Download are wet wipes and... dog biscuits. He's strange. There's a full size pic of them wich I'll use as a poster. Padge is doing gun handsand looking strange, Moose looks like he's about to suck cock, Matt looks pretty... suspicious and has his hands behind his back and Jay loooks pretty and slightly demented.

Next week's is mostly Download so... maybe it'll be good.

I might go and get food in a bit, cause I have munchies.
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