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Flatness costs you know

Something done for me

Money's still not in, so I'm moaning at them tomorrow, even though they haven't even told me when I have to go in. So I've gotta call in the morning to find out.

Today's been uneventful. So, basically, life is pretty boring. The days have you kinda gelled together since there's not much dfference between them. I don't know exactly what to do about that really.

The next few days'll be pretty boring since Claire'll be gone.

I might try and write more, but I might not since I still feel largely eh about it. I have two sort of ideas, but they've too vague to start on.

Least checking money meant I went past the horses again. I love the cute ickle baby one (although they're all so tiny). One thing though, does the baby's dad have to be permenantly horny? Everytime I'm there he is I swear.

I want/need Pepsi. I hope the money gets rushed through so I can get some. And the new Doctor dvd, mostly causa the Adipose episode. Cause, ya know, Adipose are cute and awesome.

The new Fightstar video is awesome (though still not as brilliant as Deathcar cause I'm odd like that). There's Nathan in it! And Ben! And Ben slaps Dan and Charlie (while is preceded by stroking) and I think Omar too! And they all get on Nathan and Omar's in water and there's Charlie skin and... I've probably missed something.

Anyway, that's me done.
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