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In The Dark

In The Dark
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Warnings: Scat, pissing, bondage
Notes: This was based on an idea aerogroupie gave me of Spencer finding Bert so... yay!

I pushed the door open to the dark toilets, humming softly to myself as I stepped inside. The room smelt, though not just of shit and piss, but also of sex. Not that it really surprised me. What did surprise me though was the naked body sprawled over the tiles of the floor. He had long messy hair and various tattoos on his slim sweaty body, the most noticeable a stick man along his right side. His arms were pulled back behind him, bound at the wrists with a belt. My gaze shifted down to the globes of his ass, which were slightly parted and stained.

My cock twitched in my pants at the sight. I came closer towards him, the sound of my footsteps alerting him to my prescence. He turned his head a little to look at me and I gasped, recognising his face. Bert Mccracken. I knew him mostly by reputation, though I had met him before, only once and he was drunk. Very drunk. His face was marred with stains of brown and white, though that didn't make me any less hard. His mouth opened and closed, though he didn't say anything.

I thought for a moment, knowing I had a choice. I could either piss then leave him or... I could make use of him. I bit my lower lip, settling on the latter. I shifted in front of him, undoing my fly to release my member. I was half-hard, a clear sign of both my urgent needs. I aimed myself for Bert's face, letting the first take over. Warm golden fluid sprayed from my head, landing in splashes across his face. He parted his lips, tilting his head slightly to drink what I had to offer, swallowing all that he managed to catch. I watched him, letting out a soft sigh at my release. I had to admit, he looked hot like this. I aimed the last of piss for his hair, making the dark strands stick to his skin.

While my dick hardened I briefly I wondered who had left him here. I had a feeling it was someone he knew, someone he trusted, else he'd have made an effort to get me to release him. Maybe I'd ask later. I moved behind him, noting how he spread his legs as I did so. Whore. He was as bad as Jon. I ran my fingers over his ass, tracing the tips along his cleft. The cum that leaked from him was still warm. I glanced around the room, wondering if the person who'd done this to him was still here. The cubicals that were closed all seemed empty, though I guessed they could always be on the toilet to hide their feet.

I decided I didn't care.

I moved my hand away, licking the tips of my fingers clean while my other hand lined myself up with Bert's opening. My cock twitched in my hand, aching hard and thick. I rubbed my dick along his crack, whispering softly to him. "Hey whore, have you got anything I could catch?" He shook his head from side to side, still saying nothing. Fair enough. I pushed my pants down, stepping out of them quickly before slamming into him. He let out a soft moan, pressing his face against the tiles as I filled him. Whoever had fucked him before had to be at least as big as me, since it was easy to fill him.

I gripped onto his fleshy cheeks, thrusting hard into him. His hands clasped each other, his ass clenching around me. "Oh fuck..." I could see him grin at the sound of pleasure he'd induced, his inner muscles squeezing around me again. I growled softly to myself, slamming myself harder into him. He let out a soft cry, rolling his hips back against me slightly. I dug my nails hard into his skin, hearing my balls slap against him as I pounded him. "You're a dirty little slut Bert." I glanced down at my cock, the shaft covered in sticky cum from his previous fuck. The head of my cock pressed against something deep within him. It didn't surprise me he was dirty, in fact I'd probably have been more shocked if he was clean. "Filthy whore." I pulled out of him, my cock sinking back into his waste. As I kept burying myself in him, he pushed back against me coating my cock in the thick brown filth. It was so soft, so warm and it felt so much better then I'd have expected.

I shifted my hands to his hips, holding onto their sharpness as I increased my pace. I hated that I felt like I was close already, so I started to think of things that would slow me down. Pete naked. Ryan fucking Pete... in my fucking bunk. Brendon talking non-stop during an interview. Brendon over Zack's lap as he spanked his bare ass. I mentally cursed myself for starting to think thoughts that actually made my cock throb more. I let out a soft sigh of defeat, ramming into him one last time as I came. My thick jets joined that of the earlier fuckers as well as Bert's shit, which now clung thickly to my dick. I made a slight face at the sight of it, removing myself from him as soon as the last spurt of my cum had landed in him.

I pulled my pants back up my legs, moving around to stand before him again. I rubbed my shaft over his face, covering his skin in all of his own filth. His tongue tried to snake out for me, but didn't quite get there despite his best efforts. I held the base of my softening cock delicately, wiping the rest off in his hair. I was sure I heard a sound that faintly sounded like a breathless groan from one of the cubicles, but I didn't check up on it. I put my cock back in my pants, zipping myself up as I smiled down at Bert. "Later whore."

I turned on my heels, leaving him there alone in the dark again. Maybe I'd tell the others about him. Maybe not. I smirked to myself, looking back at him one last time before stepping out through the door.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/spencer smith, fic, panic! at the disco, slash, spencer smith, the used
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